Weekend trips you can enjoy in the UK


The UK can seem small to a lot of people, especially for those from vast countries such as the USA, Canada, Russia, India and even those on the Mediterranean peninsula.

For those of us that work typical jobs and have the luxury of two days off per week, we sometimes want to get out of our residencies, escape the rat race and spend some time disconnecting and learning new things.

Where better to do this than one of the many cities, towns or attractions across the UK?

Have a look at our list of suggestions about where to visit outside of London!

How long is the journey?

By coach/bus: https://www.oxfordtube.com/
By train: About 1 hour on the train direct from Paddington Station. 1 hour 45 minutes in the car.

Who would enjoy it the most?
History buffs and intellectuals.

What should I do there?
Check out the various buildings around the city. The likes of Tolkien, Lewis Carrol and C.S Lewis wrote their most famous works in the shadows of the magnificent architecture. It’s best to do a walking tour so that you can get used to the layout of the city and retrace your steps later.

Of course, if you’re more of an independent person and prefer to take your time and just get lost in a place. You should definitely visit these places:

The Radcliffe Camera
The Divinity School

University Church of St. Mary the Virgin Tower

Natural History Museum

Covered Market

Oxford has something for everyone, and it’s not far away from the capital at all, so it’s well worth a visit. There are plenty of affordable hotels in the centre of the city too.

How long is the journey?
By train: 2 hours 30 minutes from Euston station.
By Car:4 hours 45 minutes.

Who would enjoy it the most?
Culture freaks and music fans.

What should I do there?

Since it was awarded European Capital of Culture in 2008, Liverpool has really come into its own. Of course, it’s been steeped in history since the 1960s thanks to The Beatles, but the renovation has come thick and fast since the 2000s and it’s plain to see now.

There are countless shops and monuments dedicated to The Beatles, but without a doubt, you should definitely pay a visit to the official museum dedicated to the band located down on the Albert Dock. It could be seen as slightly expensive, however, the chance to see rare and other inaccessible musical artefacts certainly offsets the cost.

If you are a football fan, you can always head to one of the cities’ football stadiums in Anfield or Goodison Park.

The museums in Liverpool (bar the British Music Experience and The Beatles Story) are all free and definitely something you should do during your time there. The World Museum and the central library are in the same square, which is a very pleasant walk from Liverpool Lime Street Station. Ensure that you at least go to one of them, but if you can, visit a few.

For the shopaholics out there, you need to head on over to Liverpool One. There are so many wonderful shops in the modern and spacious outdoor shopping centre.

How long is the journey?

By train: 2 hours from Marylebone.
By car: 2 hours 25 minutes.

Who would enjoy it the most?
Literature fans.

What should I do there?

Best known as the birthplace of one of England’s greatest writers, William Shakespeare, Stratford-Upon-Avon is one of the most serene yet cultural cities in the UK.

The whole town is designed around England’s most famous playwright and poet, but even if you’re not the biggest fan, it’s still an experience that you should really throw yourself into, especially if you’re in search of something “quintessentially British.”

You’ll also get the opportunity to learn some unusual information that wouldn’t normally be revealed.

Highlights of the town include:

William Shakespeare’s House
Anne Hathaway’s Cottage
Royal Shakespeare Theatre

How long is the journey?

By train: A very short train ride of only 54 minutes from Victoria Station.
By car: Around 2 hours (owing to heavy roadworks taking place on the M23).

Who would enjoy it the most?
Adventurers and small city lovers.

What should I do there?

Brighton has long been a liberal hot-spot and a paradise for young people. It’s pride festival which takes place between July and August is renowned for its flamboyant and extravagant nature.

If you’re heading down there during these dates, then it’s surely a great idea to catch some of the parades. It doesn’t matter what you believe in or where your morals lie, the party is inclusive of everyone and the idea of togetherness really comes to life in the city throughout the weekend.

Other great things to do (which are also available to do throughout the rest of the year) include:

Royal Pavilion
British Airways i360

Brighton Palace Pier

Brighton Marina

How long is the journey?
You can catch a plane from Gatwick airport that takes you directly to Inverness in around an hour. Unless you love and insist on driving or travelling by train, then a plane is definitely advised. Driving would take around 10 hours and a train would take just over 8.

Who would enjoy it the most?
Nature Lovers.

What should I do there?

If you need a way to disconnect and have a long weekend to spare, then the Scottish Highlands are the place you need to go to. You can get close to nature via a train ride from Inverness to the Cairngorms National Park.

There are numerous trips to Loch Ness, where you can go and try to spot the famous Loch Ness Monster, affectionately known as Nessie.

Aviemore is a major town within the Cairngorms, within walking, or cycling distance of a variety of lochs, including the beautiful Loch an Eilan, Loch Morlich and Loch Insh. Make sure you visit these places and notice all of the natural features that you’d struggle to find in London.

If you’re not into nature and prefer to be in a city environment yet away from the chaos of London, Inverness is a great little city. The riverside is a highlight, with an abundance of cafes, restaurants and bars which you can enjoy year-round, rain, shine or snow.

This isn’t a definitive list of the places you can visit in the UK, but it should get you started if you need some help choosing a weekend destination.

Remember, if you’re struggling, you can always ask your friends for advice on towns and cities to visit on our language exchange

Written By: Jordan Charles Benyon, Staff Writer

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