Why travel to the UK?


The United Kingdom has an incredible historical heritage, you can learn about British history in museums, historic buildings that you can visit such as Abbeys, castles etc…

Remember to visit all the regions as they are all very different and have a lot to offer and teach you about their origins.

Celts, Gaels, Vikings, Romans, Normans and many conquerors and migrants have influenced the history of the UK. These stories are known worldwide and celebrated throughout the country. Sometimes as you walk through some of the villages you will feel that time has stopped, that globalisation has not reached these places and it feels good to return to something simpler, more human.

How can we talk about British History without talking about the Royal Family? Probably the best known of the Queens, it is either loved or hated depending on the moment, but what is certain is that it is constantly spied on.

There are so many different cultures, religions and social classes in the UK that it makes the country incredibly welcoming.

You will find a vibrant artistic culture made up of the world’s most respected artists who come to London and other areas to practice their art and share it with the British people. Speaking of London, it is a must-see in terms of culture and art, not only because it is full of interesting and free museums like the Tate Modern which has one of the best collections of contemporary art in the world, the National Gallery has ancient classics but also because it has the largest and most historic theatres in the world.

You will find breathtaking street arts in many places because the urban culture is also very rich.

The United Kingdom has an indisputable place in the field of art and culture, not without knowing that Shakespeare lived here.

When it comes to strange local cultures you will be served, cheese in Gloucestershire or fireballs in Scotland, dancing with sticks a lot of very special traditions that make the culture crazy and fun.

The main reason you should visit the United Kingdom is because of the rich and so different landscapes it has. In addition, you will never be far from the sea wherever you are in the UK which is a great advantage.

You will find everything you want in terms of landscape, from mountains, farmland, wild moorlands, peaceful lakes and much more.

It is the place where you will see the most beautiful landscapes in the world, whether in Wales or Scotland – these lush green expanses are sure to take your breath away.

The Cliffs of Moher are one of Ireland’s most famous attractions if you are planning a trip don’t miss them as it is a landscape of rare beauty.

Why choose one place over another, everything is so close here that all you have to do is plan a road trip if you are not afraid to drive on the left-hand side of the road it will be a unique experience.

The coastlines are also key elements of the British landscape, the beaches of Cornwall for example will be a great adventure. The seaside villages are by far the most pleasant to visit, cutting out the time you will feel immersed in a distant era where the main activity is fishing. The Lake District is a major feature not to be missed, where you will discover lakes surrounded by hills and mountains creating a breathtaking landscape that is both romantic and dramatic.

Stone cottages, cobbled streets, thatched roofs, the villages of England are truly as picturesque as they are. From the pretty villages of the Cotswolds to the peaceful coastal villages of Norfolk to the typically English villages of North Yorkshire, to name but a few, no visit to the countryside would be complete without discovering the beauty of these small communities.

London is the city with the most different football clubs, you have one for almost every area. Moreover, sport is really something to be taken seriously, all the fans gather to watch the games in pubs and the atmosphere is just incredible you are advised to live it. Football, golf and cricket are the major sports in the UK but they are also very interested in Rugby.

If you are a football fan and are planning to come to the UK, book tickets to watch matches and get in touch with the crowds for a great atmosphere.

In England, almost everything stops for a fortnight for Wimbledon, the biggest Grand Slam tennis tournament.

London is one of the great cities of the world but it is not the only city in the United Kingdom that is worth the detour – quite the contrary. The United Kingdom is full of cities to discover such as Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford, York or Glasgow, Edinburgh and Liverpool. You can choose which cities you want to discover – each one is very special and no two are alike.

Other less well-known cities are also worth a visit, such as Bath or Newcastle, which will give you a different image of the UK. However, London is a must-see, so don’t forget it.

Pub culture is something very much a part of British culture, you will find the most typical and traditional pubs with a very special charm all their own. They are much more than just places to eat or drink, they are places to meet, celebrate, watch matches etc…

Some of them have even existed for hundreds of years, their names tell stories that are often linked to local history, wars, customs and many others. The architecture of these Pubs is unique and varies from thatched roofs, red bricks, black fronts…

As far as events are concerned, there are many local festivities, festivals that celebrate different customs. Queen’s birthday, music festival, Notting Hill carnival, the options are many and varied you can also read about seasonal events in our Blog section on Studenz.

Some of the biggest events in the world take place in the UK, you can switch from one event to another during the festivals in Edinburgh for example which is the largest performing arts festival in the world.

London is full of buildings and houses with incredible Victorian architecture, you will also find outstanding Gothic buildings.

Cathedrals and Abbeys are among the most architecturally rich historic buildings. You will also find a large number of castles, mansions to visit.

Sometimes there is something almost magical about this type of architecture because they are very old and you can imagine all the things these buildings have housed over time.

London offers unique landscapes in terms of architecture and buildings, it is the city where you will find the greatest diversity.

The parks and gardens are simply beautiful, British horticulturists have been bringing back unusual plant specimens for decades. What is certain is that the climate helps all kinds of plants and flowers to develop, which is a major factor in the attractiveness of the country. The parks are vast, green, lush and most of them have lakes and wildlife everywhere.

Foxes, squirrels, hedgehogs etc… These are endearing wildlife that you may come across in the parks, or even in the small city gardens. There are even organised tours to show you this diversity of animals. Birds are also very present everywhere you look.

If you would like more reasons to come and visit the UK you can ask the people on our site in the language exchange section.

Written by: Lisa Lambert, Staff Writer

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