Great towns you can visit close to London


1h20 from Victoria
It’s a coastal town and seaside resort. If you want to escape from London and get closer to nature by breathing the sea air then this is the place for you.

Here you can taste oysters, drink beers at the Old Neptune and stroll on the beach. Only 1h20 from Victoria train station you can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing experience away from the noise and pollution.

1h20 from St Pancras
If you are looking for a peaceful and pleasant city Deal is the perfect place, you can visit the castles and gardens, visit the memorial or go for a bike ride in the city centre. You will also have the opportunity to discover its markets and stroll on the beach because just like Whitstable it is a coastal town and breathing the sea air can only do you good.

1h30 from Paddington
Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bath is a city close to Bristol where you can admire the Roman baths that make it so special. It also has plenty of pubs, restaurants and shops to keep you entertained during a visit to the city centre. Take the opportunity to also admire the cathedral of the city which is of breathtaking architecture. If you are looking for a quiet place to relax you can take a stroll in the Royal Victoria Park.

1h30 from Waterloo
If you really want to immerse yourself in nature then this is the place for you, quiet, green and full of animals in freedom you will live in New Forest an experience of reconnection with nature never seen before.

In spite of the fact that this forest is not natural, it is nevertheless spectacular about 300 km2, the most practical is to cross it by car and to stop you as soon as you feel like it for a walk in the forest.

1h30 from Victoria
Close to seven sisters this small fishing village near Brighton is little known because there are few tourist activities. It is recommended for people wishing to discover the small typical English villages, to go for long walks along the beach or to visit the seven sisters. You will find very pleasant small shops and a very welcoming population towards foreigners.

1h from St Pancras
The fortified village of the 11th century Rye is a picturesque town very beautiful to get out of everyday life a little too industrial and modern sometimes. You will discover cobbled streets, red brick houses. After visiting the famous Lamb House where many writers stayed you can admire the view from the top of the village church. A little more confusing you can see cemeteries in the middle of the town as if they were placed on a public square. Don’t miss Mermaid Street which is one of the most famous streets as it is considered by the Telegraph as one of the most beautiful in England.

1h from St Pancras
Canterbury is a rather touristy town with beautiful monuments and a superb cathedral. High Street is the main street of the town where you can find pubs, restaurants and shops as much as you like. The Westgate allows you to enter Canterbury from the west side, it is the last of the 7 medieval gates that once made up the town. If you’re a romantic, you can also take a short boat trip on the Great Stour with a guide who will explain the history of the town for 45 minutes.

30min from London Bridge
If you’re a motorcycle fan this is the place to visit and it’s very well known for its motorcycle racing the town of Bexhill on the sea as its name suggests is a coastal town. You can visit the De la Warr Pavilion but also a lot of vintage shops around music and art. You can enjoy a very relaxing stroll by the sea while admiring the West Parade.

30 min from Paddington
Second-home of the Royal Family Windsor is a pleasant city to stroll around and you can admire Windsor Park which opens onto the famous The Long Walk which is 4.2 km long.

If you want a change of scenery, you will only have to cross the Thames to reach Eton, known for its close relationship with the future prime ministers.

1 hour from Liverpool Street
Known for its Zoo, it is not the only thing you will discover there. If you only need a day for a tour of the city make sure you don’t miss the Roman ruins, the ancient city walls and the Norman fortress that dates back 1000 years. You can also visit the Natural History Museum which is located in an old church near the castle.

1h30 from Waterloo
Here is a city that is bigger than the previous ones and where you will have a lot to see apart from the unmissable Marina where you can see boats and sometimes racing yachts. Don’t miss the Spinnaker Tower in the shape of a sailboat mast from which you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the city. For those who love shopping, the city is home to a good number of outlets where you can find everything at bargain prices.

1h30 from Waterloo
Famous for its Gothic cathedral Salisbury is a city of paved roads that will take you back to medieval times. The Queen Elizabeth Gardens on the Avon River is a must-see if you like to stroll through beautiful parks.

If you need a break or breakfast you can enjoy it at the Old George Mall. In terms of cultural visits don’t miss Salisbury Cathedral and Arundels where you can visit the old house of Sir Edward Heath, one of the Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom. However, if you have heard of the famous Stonehenge, the largest circle of dolmens in the world, it is impossible to do both on the same day, so why not stay more?

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Written by: Lisa Lambert, Staff Writer

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