Topics for a successful language exchange


Topics for a successful language exchange
So, you’ve just set up your account and you’re really excited to get talking to new people all over the world, then suddenly your mind goes blank and you can’t think of anything to say at all. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us and it’s something associated heavily to the way we communicate in the modern world.

We can have conversations with hundreds or even thousands of people at the same time and we often get stuck because we fear we are repeating the same conversation over and over. We’ve come up with this handy list of topics to get you going or to give you both things to talk about when you get stuck. We’ve also categorised them to make it easier for you to choose or skip over a topic.

Do you do any sports?
Which is your favourite team?
Have you ever been to see a live game?
Who is a famous sports personality from your country?
Can you swim?
Can you ride a horse?
What’s the strangest sport you’ve ever done?
Who’s better, Messi or Ronaldo?
Do you watch the Olympics?

Which series do you like to watch?
Do you use Netflix or Amazon Prime?
What’s the last film you saw at the cinema?
Do you think cinema is becoming less important?
Who’s your favourite actor/actress?
Which actor/actress do you dislike?
Would you like to be in a film?
Do you prefer watching a film at home or at the cinema?
Have TV shows made people less intelligent?

Who’s your favourite author?
Which books do you like?
Do you read in English or your native language?
Do you prefer Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
What type of books do you like to read? Horror, fantasy, self-help, theology, drama, romance etc.
What is the most controversial book that you have read?

What are your three favourite bands or artists?
What’s the last song you heard on the radio?
Which artist/band did you last see live?
Do you listen to the radio?
Do you have Spotify?
Which genre of music do you dislike?
What’s your favourite genre?
Which musician do you think is overrated?
Can you play an instrument?
Which instrument do you wish you could play?
Can you read music?
What’s your favourite song?
Industrial rap or heavy metal?
If you were stranded on an island with only 3 CD’s, what would they be?

Do you cook?
What’s your favourite food?
Are you vegan/vegetarian?
Do you enjoy making food?
Where do you usually get your food from?
What is a famous dish from your country?
Is food an important part of your culture?
Which foods do you dislike?

What’s your favourite game?
Do you play Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo or PC?
Do you play online?
Do you play board games?
What games did you play when you were younger?
What is a popular game from your country?
Are you a bad loser?
How competitive are you?
Do you think we still have the desire to play as adults?

What do you do?
Do you enjoy your job?
What is your dream job?
What does work mean to you?
Do you think it’s important to work hard or work smart?
Do you think that people work too much nowadays?

What are your hobbies?
How much time do you dedicate to them?
Do you make money from your hobbies?
Do you do them with friends?
Is it important to find individual hobbies as well as joint hobbies?

This list should have given you a few ideas about how you can start a conversation and get your exchange underway.

If you build up a good rapport with the other person, then you could potentially delve into deeper, more controversial topics, but be careful how you tread on the subjects of;


We’re not saying that these topics are completely off-limits, the world is your oyster when it comes to language exchange, but we do advise you to be careful. It’s always best to feel out what the other person might be thinking or feeling so as not to offend them. Enjoy your exchange and make some great new friends!

Written by: Jordan Benyon, Staff Writer

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