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We are so pleased with the rapid growth of since its recent launch. A large number of new people are joining every day!

We are often asked a variety of questions regarding our website, language exchange and the various features we offer and although we have an FAQ section, a Facebook page and a contact form, we still wanted to take some time to address you all and let you know about the new features coming up in the New Year. Here are some questions we’ve been asked frequently by our members and people we’ve met along the journey.

It can be challenging. As is the nature of messaging sites, we are constantly changing and attempting to adapt to the times. As you’ve seen, we’ve added an instant messaging feature to really get into the modern spirit and we’ve been integrating new software behind the scenes to make studenz bigger and better in the future.

Our language exchange website,, evolved from an earlier business which involved language classes in London. This was before the internet and was limited by the connections we could make at the time. We had the idea to utilise the internet and create a crossover between classic social media websites and language exchange.

The idea is that people adore social media nowadays and those types of websites are all about telling stories. We wanted to integrate everything that you can do on social media and thus the idea of creating a language exchange site where you can tell your own stories was born.

Currently, offers its services to over 90 different countries around the world, with an estimated 75 languages. Considering that we only started a short time ago, this figure is fantastic and we are doing our best to make the site as appealing as possible so that we can get more users and more languages on our site.

As is standard with any language exchange platform, English is the most desired language. This is simply because English is such an important tool in the modern world and people in many different countries need to be able to speak English in order to get a job or go to university. Other extremely popular languages include Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese and Italian.

We love this question because the possibilities are endless. We have so many ideas regarding the future of the website and we are consistently being pitched wonderful ideas by our many members, which is fantastic. We are truly blessed to get such wonderful feedback from so many people around the world.

The future holds some great surprises for you and we would definitely recommend sticking around to see what comes up. Unfortunately, there are some things that are top secret and we cannot divulge that information just yet, but some features coming soon which you’ll be happy to know about are as follows:

Forum – We are getting a new look Forum where you’ll be able to debate, talk and exchange ideas with other users. It will be a traditional forum format and give users the chance to ask and answer a lot of questions.

Groups – This is another feature we are hoping to add soon. You’ll be able to create special groups with other users so that you can communicate in greater numbers.

Newsletters – We’ll soon be adding Newsletters to our site so that you’ll be able to opt in to receive news about language exchange and events that might be happening near you.

Videos – Next year, videos will be available on our website. You’ll be able to upload your own videos onto your profile and share them from YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo.

Events – Perhaps the most exciting news is that we are going to be adding events in the new year. As of yet, we don’t have any specific areas that we’ll be focusing on, but as we’re based in London, we suspect that a fair few events will be held in our hometown.

We would still love to hear from you and take any suggestions you may have to improve our language exchange website. is constantly growing and we need input from our users, after all, we are making the site for you!

Thank you for a wonderful 2019 and best wishes from all here at going into 2020!

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