Meeting people and making friends in London


Whether you’re visiting London to work, travel or study – you’ll also want to maintain a social life! You might be worried about leaving your friends and family at home, but luckily for you – there are plenty of different ways to meet a bunch of new friends in London. We’ve written our top tips below to help you on your journey:

Your local area will likely have its own coffee shops, cafés and pubs. Once you get to know the places near to you, you will start to feel much more at home – and probably start to notice some friendly faces. A lot of bars host social quiz or game nights, so don’t hesitate to get involved and meet new local people.

Not only is this a cheaper option – but moving into a house or flatshare can be a quick route to making new friends. When you’re searching for a housemate, be careful not to rush into it. You’ll want to find somebody that has some similar interests to you. There are plenty of apps and websites to get you started; Spare Room is a popular choice offering thousands of rooms to rent across the city.

There is no shortage of volunteering opportunities in London, and what better way to meet new people than lending a helping hand at the same time? A quick online search should present you with volunteering jobs in your local area – and there are multiple benefits:

 A sense of achievement after doing a good deed

 You’ll gain more experience to add to your CV

 You’ll meet new people!

Understandably, it is comforting to make friends with people who are in a similar situation to you. Studenz language exchange is the perfect place to meet fellow ex-pats who know what it is like to move somewhere new. We’ve listed some of the new and exciting features we will be adding soon:

 Searchable database – You can search for members by their age, gender, nationality and more. Most people end up forming a great friendship with their language exchange partner.

 Find budget accommodation – We’ll share our advice and guide you when

it comes to finding somewhere to stay.

 Language courses – Find language courses close to you on Studenz. The more you improve your language abilities, the more confident you’ll be when it comes to meeting new local people.

 Social groups – Join online groups or create your own – this is a great way to

connect with people you shared common interests with.

 Events – We will be organizing exciting events for all our members – you also have the option to create your own!

A new hobby can be a fun way of learning a new skill and meeting like-minded people along the way – another win-win situation. This is a great way to make friends because you’ll be meeting people who share a common interest with you. You could try anything from a cooking class to dancing, painting, photography, and so much more!

It’s no longer just about online dating; there are now apps designed to help people make new friends. We’ve listed a few to give you some ideas:

Bumble BFF – Bumble offers different modes depending on what you’re looking for – you can choose Bumble BFF or Bumble Date. Once you’ve set

up your profile, you can start searching for new friends with common interests right away.

Citysocializer – This is for people who want to expand their social circle and generally have a good time amongst the bustling city life. You can host your own social events or sign up to events created by other members. If you don’t fancy attending a group social, you also have the option to meet up with individuals.

Friender – This is essentially the Tinder equivalent – but strictly for making friends. It has the same “swiping” concept, and you can choose who you think you’d get on with the most based on their interests. Friender is free to use and offers unlimited messaging and the ability to connect your social media to your profile.

Have a look at our article on a language exchange in the modern world for more information and ideas!

If you’re new to London, you’ll benefit greatly from joining a sociable and informal walking tour of the city. You’ll be able to see all of London’s most famous landmarks and sights, as well as meet friendly and like-minded people along the way. You’ll find social walks covering all of London’s famous spots plus some hidden treasures. Ending a walk by going for a drink or some food at the end, is the perfect opportunity to speak to people and get to know them in a relaxed, laid-back setting after an exciting day out.

There is certainly no harm in keeping fit and active – and meeting new people is the ultimate bonus. One of the best ways to feel better day-to-day is by staying healthy. There are plenty of gyms and classes to choose from in London. All it takes is a quick Google search, and you’ll likely find something in your local area.

If you’ve already made friends at work or somewhere else – be open to meeting their friends too. Being introduced to a friend of a friend is an easy and less nerve-wracking way of branching out. We suggest saying yes to invitations when you can (if you want too), the more you go out and socialise, the more friends you will make. If you’re going to go out, perhaps ask your friend to invite their friends too – this is an excellent way of showing you’re open to meeting new people.

Especially if you’re a bit of a foodie – supper clubs will be perfect for you. A supper club is essentially a way to try a new cuisine with a group of people who are also interested in trying new food and making new friends. There are specific expat supper clubs if you’re interested – and again, all it will take is a quick Google search, and you should find something local to you.

It’s important to remember there are thousands of people who are also new to the city. Making friends and putting yourself out there is the first step to settling in. Remember not to worry about it and don’t panic if you don’t make friends right away – these things take time.

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