How to fix the UK – EASY!


Here we go again!

I have to be clear that this article is written entirely from my point of view. It does not reflect how the company feels at all, however, I’d hope that the majority of you would agree with my observations and understand that it is now undeniably time for change.

I get really annoyed with the world when I look around. In general, I’m a calm guy who doesn’t get irked too easily and loses his cool when it matters most, but recently, I’ve found myself increasingly angry with the sorry state of the world.

It’s not so much that the world is in a problematic state, it’s more that I see the fixes as invariably black and white. So, here are my observations of current society and the incredibly simple ways that we could go about fixing it to make a fairer world for everyone.



I live in a very affluent area, and the thing which angers me above all else is the disparity between rich and poor here. I’m not well-off, not by any stretch of the imagination.

I have a roof over my head, just about enough money to pay rent and eat and a somewhat stable job, so things are not too bad. That being said, walk five minutes up the road and you’ll find 8-12 bed mansions populated by pompous prigs who look down their noses at you from their ivory towers. Walk five minutes the other way, to the “south” side of town and you’ll find council flats, rough sleepers, broken windows and blood splattered across the floor from a drunken brawl the night before.

I’d describe my area as purgatory. It’s not the Good Place, nor is it bad. Everyone who lives here is just sort of existing. We try to get better and move up the ladder, but with those at the top constantly pushing us back down in order to line their own pockets, there’s not really much we can do, short of a revolution.

I’m staring down the barrel of thousands of pounds of student loans, rising rent with no caps, increasing food costs and struggling paycheck to paycheck, while the undeserving among us are sitting on their backsides without contributing at all to our society, community or civilization. It’s also come to my attention that last year, at least 9000 millionaires in the UK managed to exploit a tax loophole which resulted in the top 1% of earners paying less than individuals who were earning just £15,000. Hey Britain, wake up!


The solution: Simple, pump money into the bottom of our society and watch it travel up, rather than putting it into the top and expecting the greedy fat cats to share.



This is probably the thing I see as the most obvious solution. We have been led to believe that marijuana is a lethal drug, it’s responsible for many, many deaths per year. We’ve been fed the lie that marijuana is a gateway drug that will inevitably lead to stronger narcotics in future.

Do you know how many deaths marijuana is directly responsible for per year?

0, nada, zip, zilch.

However, the Conservative party, tricky as they are, have begun ordering the grouping of cannabis and cocaine deaths together to make the drug look much more sinister than it actually is.

As a general rule of thumb, if The Sun newspaper is running a story about something, you can almost guarantee that the opposite is actually true. Unsurprising then that the only newspaper to run a story about “cannabis overdose” in the last five years was The Sun. Good job upholding your journalistic oaths guys!

The simplest way to increase the economy is to legalise marijuana and tax it aggressively. Put it this way, if it’s considered a luxury, then you’d be able to tax it at a minimum of 25%, meaning for every £1 of product sold, £0.25 would be tax. So, for every £1000, the government or local council would earn £250. For every £10,000, they’d make £25000. £100,000 – £25,000, and so on, and so forth.

That’s at a minimum, by the way. Imagine that on a national scale, taxed at 40-50%. We could easily put that money back into the system and improve our deeply broken educational system or our struggling NHS.

Just so you know, since marijuana was legalised in these places their economy has grown;

Washington State – Legalised 2012 – Economic Growth – 6.7%

California State – Legalised 2018 – Economic Growth – 3%

Nevada State – Legalised 2016 – Economic Growth – 1.7%


Solution – Legalise it, tax it, enjoy it!



Remember earlier in the article when I was going off on some tangent about surviving paycheck to paycheck?

This is what I meant. Do you ever stop and think how absurd our lives are?

We spend hours stressing and working for someone else, so that we can pay for a rent or mortgage on a house that we don’t utilise, because we’re always out working for someone else.

Does that make a lot of sense to you?

Because, I really struggle with this concept.

We are told from being children that our main aim is to work for someone else, so that we can have a normal life, have more kids and repeat the cycle. What even is that? To add insult to injury, while we are working for CEO’s rolling in piles of cash and sleeping in late, we are struggling through sickness because we have to choose between rent, food or electricity. It’s not right, it’s not fair and it has to change. It’s time for the government to stop protecting the money grubbing upper-class and start looking after all of us equally. Well, realistically it’s time for us to kick out the Tories and spark a Green revolution, but that’s an argument for another article. Experts have proven in various places across the world that giving more money to the lower part of society has considerably more positive ramifications than investing into the already rich.

Solution: increase wages, cap rent at £1000 in London, £650 in other areas, decrease prices for necessary things like food and water, and introduce a REAL universal credit, £500-1000 per month, for everyone, regardless of whether they work or not!

Finland has tried this recently and it worked wonders for their economy.

Come down from your ivory tower Boris Johnson and look at how to really fix the economy for us all, rather than just for your affluent friends.



It’s not often I agree with *shudders* Nigel Farage. Even the utterance of his name fills me with a feeling of disgust and loathing. He’s one of those people that really makes me question whether evolution occurs with all humans or whether some are just left with archaic views and caveman-esque appearance.

That being said, after carefully decoding his imprudent grunts and coming to the understanding that he was requesting a reform of the electoral system, I came to the shocking conclusion that I agree with him.

However, my values lead me to looking for fair representation rather than living out my fantasy of becoming Emperor Palpatine. Farage is looking to eliminate the House of Lords and give himself power by allocating his Brexit cronies positions of power through fixing votes throughout the country. Smart, but not smart enough to outfox me, sorry Farage, I’ve seen through your plan.

I, myself, would be seeking a more American style electoral system, wherein counties are given delegates and fairer representation. The system would be a proportional representation system in which candidates won delegates to compete in the general election.


Solution: Electoral reform giving more powers and representation to counties, ban far-right organisations from entering ANY elections.

So, there you have it, how to fix the UK, easy!

Written by: Jordan Benyon, Staff Writer

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