Five ideas for an isolated and contagion-proof holiday


Boat, camper, chalet and much more: I would like to propose some ideas for a safe but beautiful holiday, as isolated as possible from the crowds.

The words of the leaders of many countries seem reassuring so far: this summer we will be able to travel, but it will be necessary to keep a high level of attention and therefore it is good to organize yourself in the best possible way to avoid as much as possible to get involved in crowds. How? By choosing to rent a sailboat to escape the distancing on the beach, for example, or a camper van to take a tour of the beauties of our planet without having to change hotels every night, staying in a chalet in the mountains or in a “glamping”, instead of a normal campsite, where most of the time toilets are common.

Here are five ideas for an isolated and contagious trip:

Safe holidays by the sea? Just stay on the boat. Whether it’s a sailboat, motorboat or catamaran, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t want to give up the sea, choose a boat. GlobeSailor, Sailsquare and Click&Boat are some of the main sites where you can rent different boats according to your needs. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to sail or if you don’t have a license: among the available services you can also ask for a professional skipper. A boat holiday is a different and interesting way of “experiencing the sea from the sea”. With a boat you can go out to sea and get away from the crowds and chaos, enjoy the silence of the open sea and dive into the clearest waters. Snorkelling during a navigation stop, for example, will put you in touch with the life of the seabed to discover animal and plant species whose existence you were unaware of, while a canoe kayak excursion will take you to special places where you can contemplate the beauty that surrounds us and leave you with a deep sense of peace and tranquillity. And what about the privacy that only a boat offshore can give you? Away from prying eyes you can enjoy your holiday without neighbours with intrusive umbrellas and with only the worry of having to choose the most beautiful bay or cove where you can enjoy a cool bath. The most special thing about a boat holiday, however, is that you can wake up every morning in a different place. Forget about the hotel concept, schedules and routine, sailors are nomads of the sea and love to move around all the time. Each place will have a different charm with characteristics and peculiarities that will allow us to make a journey in the journey.

Holidays in a mountain chalet. If you have never tried a holiday in the mountains, this may be the right opportunity. Choose a chalet in the mountains, tasting cheeses and local products, admiring spectacular sunsets and taking long walks. You can choose between a nice and spartan chalet to live in symbiosis with the mountains or a design chalet to share with friends and family but preserving privacy and security thanks to the division into mini apartments. What could your holiday in a chalet in the mountains be like? Stretch out in bed, then go to the window, let your gaze wander over the mountains and let your skin warm from the first rays of sunshine while having breakfast on the terrace. Next in the programme is to discover nature and after lunch in a traditional restaurant you will return to the chalet, perhaps in the private sauna, why not? In the afternoon enjoy the peace and quiet, read a good book or bake a cake with your loved ones. In the evening the atmosphere becomes really romantic, when after dinner you can enjoy a glass of wine in front of the open fireplace or watch the starry sky from the terrace.

Do you fancy camping holidays? Better to opt for glamping. Glamping is a mix of the terms “glam” and “camping”. So, it’s basically a luxury campsite. For many people glamping is a way of life and the best way to enjoy being close to nature without giving up the comforts of modern life. If you’re a fan of camping but want to have extra safety guarantees, then this year opt for its more “well-groomed” version, without underestimating the fact that in this case there will be no shared bathrooms: a way to feel safer, in these tough times where you will have to take many more precautions.

Choose a motorhome for a holiday on the road. Do you love travelling on the road? No problem. Instead of changing hotels often, try a motorhome, which in some ways is better than a van, as it also has an en suite bathroom. Although you can only stay in certain areas, most of the time you will have breath-taking views at your disposal. IndieCampers, Yescapa and Goboony are three sites from which you can book vans and campers. Travelling with your motorhome you will be free to reach any destination, following a very personal itinerary that best meets the needs of the group you are travelling with. You will be able to reach the places to visit, stopping at any time knowing that you can count on your 4-wheeled “home” travelling with you. In addition, with a camper you can avoid hotel reservations and timetables that bind your meals throughout the day.

Finally, you may decide to spend your holidays in a tree house. It will be exciting, and if you are childless also very romantic. There are several tree houses all over Italy. On Airbnb, the frontier of the sharing economy and the so-called economy of trust, tree houses are successful and there are beautiful ones. Whether you’re looking for an adventure, a relaxing break or simply to wind down in nature, tree houses invite you to experience nature in the most unique and memorable way you can imagine.

Are you planning to go on holiday this summer, even just for a few days? Which of these ideas intrigues you and your language exchange friends the most? Share with us your preferences in the comments below!

Written by: Martina Sassi, Staff Writer

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