Finding an English Speaking Exchange Partner


Finding someone who you can speak English with fluently can be something of a minefield if you’re not really sure what you’re looking for. Luckily, there are a lot of places in the modern world where you can really have a good language exchange experience. Let’s take a look at some of the best things you can do to find an English speaking language partner.

We have spoken in a previous article about using the modern world for language exchange purposes and we still believe you should utilise this.

First of all, you can use to search for a language exchange partner by country, language, gender, age and more. It’s a great system which is by far the easiest to use of any language exchange website. Once you’ve found a partner, you can contact them via direct messaging, comments or live chat. There are bound to be some great conversations waiting for you and if you need help getting things started, we’ve created a list of all the topics that could really get you going.

Take time to get to know your partner and really understand what you both want out of the exchange. Studenz is soon to be releasing live video chat and groups, which means that your conversing will be a lot easier. If you’re lucky you might just come across a teacher or the like so that you can really get into the deep parts of English language learning. Arrange a time with your partner and treat them like real sessions if that’s something that you’re both willing to do.

If you love playing video games, then you’ll know how global certain games can be. Fortnite was one of the more recent multiplayer games to reach worldwide fame and it connected up a lot of people throughout the world. It doesn’t really matter what you’re into, the likelihood is that you’ll be able to find someone who is willing to converse with you. We’ve heard stories of friends from all corners of the world who have met friends, colleagues and even lovers through online gaming platforms. We wouldn’t advise going out and buying a games console specifically for this purpose, but we would definitely push the advantage of doing it if you already own an Xbox, PS4 or Nintendo Switch. PC gamers can always take advantage of this too so long as they have access to a headset.

We’ve spoken about meetup apps in an earlier post and these are really great to meet people in real life. We’re currently in the process of setting up our own Meet Ups and events, which we aim to have up and running in the next few months.

Not to be the bearers of the bad news, but we should advise you to always be safe, whenever you meet up with an individual or group that you met online, ensure that you tell someone where you are going and always have an emergency contact of a close friend or family member ready if you need it. London is a relatively safe city so long as you follow basic safety advice and stick to well lit, public areas at night.

Make sure you keep an eye on the website for further details about events and groups which you can use for real-life interaction.

If you can afford to fork out a little bit of money per week, then you’ll be able to hire the services of a Skype tutor. These are professionals who are paid to speak with you via Skype. Some of them have certificates in teaching English and others just have a lot of experience behind them. You can ask them exactly what you want and it’s good to have this discussion at the very beginning of the working relationship. You can decide whether you just want someone to talk with you and correct your mistakes or whether you want to learn grammatical features in detail. You can learn a lot from Skype tutors and most of them are very helpful.

It depends how much disposable income you actually have but on average you’re going to be looking at anything from £10 to £50 an hour depending on how advanced your teacher is and how reputable they are. Most of them do a maximum of 2 hours per client per week so make sure you know exactly what you want.

Keep on fighting through your language exchange journey and you’ll soon be a master in the English language in no time.

Written by: Jordan Benyon, Staff Writer

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