Here are some commonly asked questions and answers. For additional information, please contact us.


Anyone aged 16 or over can join studenz.
- There is no upper age limit.
- It is not necessary to be a student

There is no charge to join or use any of its features. We are planning to introduce several new features and services in the coming months and some of these may be chargeable (if you want to use them).

Studenz was created to provide a platform for people to learn and improve languages and also meet new people. We do, however, have a strict policy of removing users who use the site to send inappropriate messages to other members.

Members can block specific members if they do not wish to be contacted by them. Inappropriate behaviour can also be reported to studenz moderators.

Our sign up process has been designed to be easy and quick. If, however, you are experiencing difficulties signing up then please contact us and we will be able to assist you.

All account settings, personal details etc can be changed at any time on the account page.

You can cancel your account at any time on the account page.

If you cannot find the language you speak or want to learn on the list of languages on our site then please contact us and we can add it.

We provided links to a free video chat service where you can easily create a private chat connection and share the link with other users. You can, of course, use other video chat services such as Skype, Hangouts etc.

We have recently upgraded the site to a new platform which will allow us to add new features and services. All members will be notified of any new features by email.

If you have any suggestions for new features or wish to partner with us then please contact us. is managed from offices in London (UK) but is available throughout the world.


All account settings, personal details etc can be changed at any time on the account page

Yes you can set your preferences in the profile settings page

You can delete and backup you account in the Account Settings page

You can select a forum and then add you topic using the form provided.