Will travel be affected by Coronavirus?

Will travel be affected by Coronavirus?

The coronavirus epidemic is spreading very rapidly all over the world, there are more and more areas at risk which leads to travel restrictions, cancellation of school trips, closed countries, emergency numbers in case of symptoms etc...


Indeed with the security measures established by the governments where there are the most infected people, all the people with symptoms and who have tested positive for the Coronavirus are quarantined until they recover. Sometimes entire cities are under containment. This prevents people from travelling and inevitably affects the travel industry. Quarantine is also not a fatality because some companies have been using teleworking for a long time, so it can be a solution to limit the spread of the virus.


Some countries are closing their doors to Coronavirus-affected countries to protect themselves from the virus, such as Mauritius, Israel and El Salvador. Many airlines flying to Asia are cancelling their flights to avoid spreading the virus and infecting others. This affects tourism considerably as many people have their flights cancelled and therefore have to cancel their holidays. For those companies that cancel their flights they have to reimburse in full the customers who have booked a ticket, for those who wish to cancel their tickets, if they are not responsible and the company maintains the flight there will be no possible reimbursement except for taxes. For example, if you have booked a flight with a stopover and you find yourself stranded in transit in a country halfway through because your connection has been cancelled, then the airline must repatriate you to your home country and you will be refunded the ticket that you were unable to use.


Anything related to school, internship, erasmus, travel etc. to Asia, Italy or other risk areas are cancelled. As well as all gatherings of people, events, concerts, fairs and other events. Some events such as concerts, fairs are special occasions where people from other countries come especially for these occasions, since they are cancelled and many flights are also cancelled it strongly affects tourism and travel. As a result of such security decisions many companies have decided to go on short-time work to reduce the impact of the coronavirus on their balance sheet. Corsica is also banning all gatherings of more than 50 people, in the same way France and Berlin are banning all gatherings of more than 1000 people and Italy is cancelling its national football championship but also plans to close museums, theatres, cinemas and other theatres throughout the country, in Lombardy and in fourteen Italian provinces all cultural, sporting or religious events are banned, discos, pubs, schools and other similar places will be closed until 3 April.


Since many cities in Asia and Italy are already blocked, there is no doubt that other countries will follow suit, however there are still some cities in Italy that are not blocked and where you can go if you wish but it is obvious that most people will not risk it for fear of catching the virus.

If you had planned a trip and in view of the events you wish to cancel it, if it is a flight and hotel package you can contact the agency you have been through directly and ask for a free cancellation of your trip. In Corsica, the government has decided to close all educational institutions for two weeks to prevent the spread of the virus.


So there are many drawbacks at the level of the economy, tourism and businesses suffer a lot from the impact of the Coronavirus. Especially companies that regularly organize trade fairs to promote their brand and partnership. The music industry suffers a lot as concerts are mostly cancelled because there are too many people gathered in one place which could be a disaster for the spread of the virus. When you see how fast it is spreading it is obvious that it is better to take precautions. The travel industry, airlines, hotels, restaurants, tourist shops are also in a bad situation, to the point where airlines are offering very, very cheap flights to encourage people to travel.

The impact on tourism based on previous experiences with H1N1 or SARS tells us, according to a study by the World Travel and Tourism Council, that global tourism revenues would fall by at least $22 billion, which is the most optimistic scenario, because it could rise to $49 billion if the virus spreads as long as SARS and $73 billion if it lasts even longer. Moreover, the country most affected by the virus is also the one that travels the most, Chinese tourism is world famous and very important for the economies of other countries, if the situation is not restored at the end of May, the consequences could be more important for the world economy.


If there is an advantage in this whole story it is good for the planet, because putting cities, regions and countries in quarantine allows the Earth to breathe because no CO2 emissions are emitted by cars, transport or people.

Especially for cities in Asia where the population is so large that the pollution rate is indecent. Indeed, on February 25th a British study estimates that CO2 emissions in China have fallen by 25%, for them who were no longer used to living without pollution, the air is once again breathable thanks to the shutdown of factories, transport etc. Some people think that this is only fair because it seems that wild animals have been forced to move closer to cities because their spaces

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Written by: Lisa Lambert, Staff Writer


UPDATE: Since this article was written, Italy, Austria and Slovakia have all put their countries on national lock down, meaning they are accepting or possibly no visitors. We advise that you check all information available online before you travel and if you have any doubts regarding whether or not you will be able to travel, go to your local branch of the airline provider or call them to get details. We understand that hysteria and panic caused by these types of pandemics can often create more panic than necessary, which is why we urge people to remain calm and try to think before you act!