Tips for meeting new people on Studenz

Tips for meeting new people on Studenz

Studenz is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing language exchange websites in the world. You can easily connect with a variety of people around the globe. What you talk about is entirely up to you and we hope that you’ll find some lifelong friends through our platform. We are already hearing stories of people all around the world forming personal or professional relationships with their language exchange partners.

For some people, this will be their first experience of a language exchange and we wanted to write a little something for those people to really help them out and give them information on how to meet new people through our website.


This probably goes without saying, but you’ll need to be polite when communicating with people on the site. There are people from all over the world so bear in mind that you’re likely to experience a lot of cultural differences. At times, things that may seem polite and normal for you may not be received with the same understanding from someone who hails from a different culture.

Remember, British people are famously overpolite, along with Canadians. This means that direct cultures such as Spanish or Italian are often perceived as rude, even though no rudeness is intended. It’s a good idea to keep the conversation light and easy while you get to know the person, you’ll soon find out whether they’re open for deeper topics.

We advise steering clear of topics such as religion, politics and taboo ideologies until you know the person better. This doesn’t mean you should abandon your principles if someone brings up something that you don’t agree with, you can make your thoughts known. Obviously, you’re not looking for an argument but it doesn’t mean that you have to let people walk over the things you believe in.

For a lot of British people, Brexit can be an extremely difficult subject to deal with. Again, we’re not saying that you need to avoid this topic, it’s understandable that people outside of the UK would like some clarity on what Brexit actually means, we are just saying you should approach with some delicacy and check that it’s alright with your partner before going full throttle.


Studenz allows you to search for potential language exchange partners by interests. This means you can find people who love to talk about video games, movies, family life, sports, music, philosophy, literature, religion and many more topics as much as you do.

It’s important to find someone who has a similar set of likes to you or the exchange will be rather boring and tedious. This is supposed to be something fun and beneficial for both parties. If you or your partner are talking about the same things for hours on end and one of you has no interest in that topic, it’s likely that you’ll never have another conversation with that person again and it creates a negative experience of language exchange.

If the person hasn’t put a lot of interests on their profile, then you should slowly engage with them. Drop little hints and ask them about their lives. It’s fine to ask things like “do you do any sports?” or “can you play an instrument?” because those topics can help you to get an understanding of what your partner might be interested in and then you can really get going with your language exchange.


Look, we get the appeal of talking to someone in a distant land. The cultural differences and sense of deep intimate understanding through the process of learning each other’s languages and cultures can seem exciting and often passionate.

There’s nothing wrong with finding a romantic partner on this type of website if both parties are willing and consensual, but you can’t just go in all guns blazing. Although we don’t like to tar anyone with the same brush, there is a standardised pattern that men on websites like this are far more likely to be a little too forward. We understand that this could make people uncomfortable and we do our very best to moderate and remove any individuals exhibiting less than reputable behaviour.

As is the case with real life friendships and romance, we suggest getting to know this person piece by piece. Don’t ask them anything that’s likely to begin a deep spiral of existential crises and try not to discuss their aesthetics too much in your first few exchanges. You might be from a culture wherein this type of behaviour is normalised, but remember that a lot of people in other countries may not be as open or aggressive as yourself.


With the advent of the internet came the advent of the fake personality. There’s nothing worse than having amazing conversations over messages, video calls and instant chat to finally meet up in real life and realise that this person is completely different to their online persona.

We’re not talking about the facades that we all utilise to get through an increasingly impersonal modern society. We mean those of us who consciously create fake profiles, often with photoshopped images to appeal to the opposite (or sometimes the same) gender.

We’d advise you to refrain from this type of behaviour for a few reasons. Firstly, you’re not going to make any friends, much less romantic partners if you try to keep up a facade for too long. Weaving a web of lies so intricate as an online persona often comes tumbling down quickly. You’re also likely to be reported as a scammer if your behaviour indicates false personality and this is something for which we have a zero tolerance policy.

Rest assured that if you’re acting accordingly, amicably and without suspicion, you’ll be free to enjoy Studenz in all its glory. You can also feel safe knowing that we actively remove spammers or suspicious persons from our site whenever they are flagged so your feedback is vital to our progression.


At the end of the day, you’re on this site for one of two reasons. Either, you desperately need to learn a second language and are doing everything in your power to make this a reality or you’re looking to have a good time and connect with people all over the world.

It doesn’t matter which reason brought you to the website, what’s important is that you enjoy your experience while you’re here and really get the most of the site.

Be loose and conversational, ask your partner questions which really intrigue you. Language learning isn’t just about cracking open a textbook and reading it until you’re blue in the face hoping that some percentage of that information has somehow seeped into your brain.

Just let things happen and see what the world of language exchange can offer you in return!

Written by: Jordan Benyon, Staff Writer

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