Millenial language exchange

Millenial language exchange


Millennials are people born between the 1980s and 1990s and correspond to generation Y. They grew up surrounded by new technologies, that's why they are also called digital natives.

Being accustomed to living surrounded by technology, if they find themselves in an environment without technology they will feel lost, stressed, which can be characterized by a fear of emptiness.

They also grant a notion of flexibility in their lives which completely changes the way they work.

We have seen the birth of notions such as freelance work, teleworking or distance working.


With the new forms of work they have also created a new form of language with the desire to transcribe body and oral language more clearly.

For example, when you want to transcribe a cry or total excitement, you can simply write a word or a whole sentence in capital letters if you wish.

Changes also take place in punctuation, a word followed by a period could mean that you are angry or upset. Periods are used to evoke silence or misunderstanding.

Not to mention the many acronyms such as LOL, OMG, JDCJDR and many others.


Words or acronyms of words then appeared by the thousands on social networks, in such a way that sometimes we no longer really understand.

- Which means Before Anyone Else or Avant tout le monde in French used to talk about a person you

love very much like your boyfriend or best friend.

- Which translates as "thug" but in a second degree kind of ironic way to describe life actions that are not risky at all.

- Outfit Of The Day, which goes around the world and is used to showcase one's outfit on social networks like Instagram. Of course all derivations are possible with the words Shoes, Nails etc.

- The Best Thing that means the best thing in the world to you often associated with a moment among friends.

Food Porn
- Refers to videos or photos of particularly caloric and enticing food.

- Defines a person you have secretly fallen for and don't dare to tell them how you feel.


Salt Bae
- Refers to a butcher who made the buzz on the internet with videos where he cuts the meat very quickly and ends up salting it in an unusual way with a precise gesture like a cobra which has also become cult.

- they are created to denounce a fact a situation that affects a large part of the population, often the beginning of a revolutionary movement on the internet like Balancetonporc or me too to denounce sexual and moral abuses against women.

- Refers to a dietary tendency that consists of not eating anything that comes from animals.

- Refers to a healthy eating pattern that is often added to sports to keep body and mind in balance.


Here are some emoji whose meaning is not always clear and needs an explanation for people who are not very familiar with the Emoji language.

^^ represents drugs or tattoos depending on the situation

^^ means worship, love of someone or something.

^^ this one means, partying, dancing, being at a party.

^^ here we want to explain a feeling of relief that can be translated as alleluia, thank you or also an anticipation to say I hope, I pray for something.

^^ these can also represent drugs

^^ with reference to nature, the Earth, ecology, etc.


Globally, this generation has distinguished itself by its difference, it has appropriated a world of its own, the world of social networks and technology, and no one can beat them in this field. That's why many companies focus their marketing strategy on social networks because television is no longer an effective marketing tool to reach this type of audience.

However, companies often don't understand the extent of the phenomenon themselves, or are unable to adapt it commercially.

On platforms where everything is judged, spied on, compared it is difficult to face and have a flawless image because at the slightest misstep everything you have built in terms of image may no longer exist to people in these communities.

Through Instagram or Facebook trends, you will be able to make yourself younger, dynamic, fun, let's say in the age of time.

It is important to know that Instagram is a useful marketing tool, but only aesthetically flawless, retouched, high quality photos are effective.


Through trends, new words, emojis it can facilitate your linguistic exchanges. If the person doesn't understand you or if you don't know how to express something you can replace it with an emoji or express it in a different way thanks to the technological tools at your disposal.

In cities such as London, Paris, Hong Kong, New York this kind of buzz on social networks is even more popular so it will be useful to break the ice to talk about one of these topics to help you make friends and make language exchanges.

Written by: Lisa Lambert, Staff Writer

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