How to make friends on Studenz

How to make friends on Studenz


Studenz is a website that allows you to learn foreign languages by communicating with people from all over the world.

For example, if you are in London and you want to improve your language skills in French you can go to the language exchange section and select the type of person you want to speak with according to age, nationality, gender etc... you will then see the profiles of the people concerned and you could start the language exchange.


To start a language exchange you can say for example "Hello, my name is.... and I would like to improve my English skills, can we exchange with each other?"

Also look at the person's profile and passions, maybe you will have some in common and then it will be easier to start the language exchange for example "Hello, I saw that you like English literature, I would love to discuss it with you in English, if possible what do you think?"

Or, "I can see that you like art, what do you think of Francis Bacon or Banksy? Maybe we can talk about it in English to improve my skills."

If you are interested in a particular city you can contact people who live there and start the discussion by asking their opinion about that city, for example London because you are thinking of going to visit for a weekend and you would need some advice.


After you have had your first discussion it is important to keep in touch, you can share content based on your discussion topics. For example, if you talked about London during the previous language exchange you can share an article discovered on the internet about London culture or a specific place like Borough Market.

If you have discussed art you can talk about an upcoming art event such as a Francis Bacon exhibition in London in June. Ask if the person is planning to go there, if they can tell you what they thought about it, if they can take pictures or if they have heard about another exhibition at the same time.

The main thing to do to become friends in a language exchange is to find common ground, have similar interests and find common ground to keep in touch and create closeness.


Once you have built a budding friendship with solid foundations and a deep interest in the person, you can diversify your language exchanges. For example, by making video exchanges to see the person in real life, to be able to decipher their emotions, their expressions.

If you prefer a more original and vintage way you can also decide to use a postal correspondence, then you will have more time to think about what you want to say and it can create a more accentuated feeling of closeness thanks to the wait between each letter reception. You can also find an online equivalent, for example with the Lettrs site, which offers to create your handwritten letter online from your own handwriting.

The most important thing to know when you do a language exchange with someone is that it is best to act as if you speak the same language and have personal discussions about life, current affairs, interests. Of course, don't hesitate to ask for correction when you make mistakes and to ask for a word when you don't know by describing it as clearly as you can.


Concerning the things that it is better not to do when you do a language exchange we can talk about "harassment", don't send too many messages at the same time so as not to put pressure on a person. Wait patiently for their reply and if they don't, try to look for someone else to improve your English or other language skills.

Also, do not talk to someone as if they were a language teacher, as most of the time they are not, you are dealing with someone who is in much the same situation as you are and is looking to learn another language.


Studenz is not just an online platform for chatting with people, you can also read articles in the Blog section.

You will be able to find all the information you need to have when you want to do a language exchange, learn a language efficiently and sometimes even find a solution to your problems in this process of apprehension.

If you want to come and live in London you can also find several articles that will help you if you are looking for an internship, a job or accommodation in London with links to websites that will help you in your search.

you also have several articles on languages in general to get a bit of general knowledge and to be able to exchange on this subject. For example, during your language exchange you can talk to the person in the last Studenz article about languages used for international exchange.

Written by: Lisa Lambert,Staff Writer

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