Five reasons why laughing every day is good for the mind and body

Five reasons why laughing every day is good for the mind and body

There are two ways of understanding life: believing that it happens to us by chance without us being able to do anything to direct it in a certain way or believing that we are responsible for the life we have.
Those who think in the first way are convinced that they can do nothing to improve their situation. He complains about his alleged bad luck, believes that only very lucky or rich people can have a good life and espouses the philosophy of immobility, that is, he does nothing to try to change because he believes he has no power over his own existence.
The second way of reasoning is typical of dreamers. There is a beautiful phrase by Jim Carrey that encapsulates the philosophy of this type of people: "Life doesn't happen to us, we make it happen".
It's the philosophy of life that I try to carry on every day, because it's too easy to complain but it's absolutely useless. If you are unhappy, you have to do something to change your situation. Happiness is a choice and depends first and foremost on you.
There are many ways to take control of your life and direct it to the coordinates of your happiness. And one of them is certainly smiling.
People have stopped smiling and only do so when someone gives them a valid reason. In fact, we should always find a good reason to smile, without expecting one from others. It's the same thing: do you want life to happen to you, or do you want to wait for something from the outside to decide for you, or do you want to be the one who decides what should happen?
If you want to have a happier life, start with this simple gesture: smile.
These are five reasons why you should smile and laugh every single day.

1. It puts you in a good mood.
Try an experiment: put on headphones, listen to a very sad song and remember a painful episode of your life. Do you know how you'll feel afterwards? Sad, depressed and downhearted.
That's because life doesn't happen to us, but we make it happen. If you create a gloomy atmosphere around you, if you surround yourself with negative people and set the stage for feeling bad... you will feel bad.
The same is true in the opposite way: if you lay positive foundations, it is very likely that your day will be full of positivism. That's why the first reason you should smile is about yourself and your well-being: if you make an effort to smile and laugh more, you will feel better right away. You will be in a good mood. Happiness is a choice: smile and choose to be happy!

2. It reconciles you with people.
Have you ever seen a person happy and completely alone? Have you ever seen a happy person who hates everything and everyone? No, because happiness is a matter of sharing, it's a flame that only we can ignite but only others can ignite.
That is why it is important to maintain stable and healthy relationships with other people and it is even more important to always be positive. In an age so strongly based on appearances, a person who smiles is communicating his good intentions better than a thousand words. He is telling others to be ready to share and help others.
Smiling breaks down the barriers and walls that we build every single day around our little square of life. Smile at the bartender who makes you coffee, smile at the old man you meet every morning when you leave home, smile at your colleague who is always sulking. Smile at the people and you will receive smiles in return. This will create an indestructible thread of humanity and positivism between you and others. This exchange will help ignite the flame of your happiness.

3. Laughter is good: science says so.
If you follow my blog you probably do not expect such a motivation, but in this case the power of positivism is demonstrated by science. These are the effects that smiling and laughing have on your body and mind: it leads to a considerable reduction in stress: laughter lowers the hormones connected to it such as cortisol, adrenaline and dopamine; it significantly increases the production of serotonin, the so-called "happiness hormone"; it reduces the risk of heart attacks and heart disease: laughter keeps the arteries wide and just one laugh a day is enough to keep them expanded for more than an hour; it reduces blood pressure; it reduces the sensation of pain; it improves breathing: laughter forces us to breathe deeply, a panacea we often forget about even though it is immediate and free; it helps us to sleep better, always thanks to the hormonal effect it produces.

4. It is the best reaction to bad luck.
Even if you believe that we are the ones who make life happen and it doesn't happen to us by chance, it is inevitable that every now and then you will have bad luck. We remain in the sphere of unimportant misfortunes, such as the car that doesn't start or the rain that suddenly catches you just when you don't have an umbrella: in front of these little trips that life gives you, you can react in two ways.
The usual two ways: you can complain and curse the sky for the bad luck you've had, or you can decide to take it positively.
The next time something unpleasant happens to you, try laughing about it. Try laughing at whoever's up there playing with our lives. Have a good, loud, convincing laugh, then just worry about resolving the situation without letting a part of your mind obsessively bring you back to think about how unlucky you've been.
If you do that, you will realize that a simple laugh has the immense power to sweep most of the negativity out of your head. A good laugh is the best answer you can give to bad luck.

5. It is a cure for the soul.
If you start smiling and laughing more, you will heal your soul and spread positivism and love through a very simple and absolutely natural gesture.

Do you and your language exchange friends smile every day? Are you optimistic people and always look at the glass half full? Let us know in the comments!

Written by: Martina Sassi, Staff Writer
Language Exchange