Why is it worth taking a sabbatical?

Why is it worth taking a sabbatical?

In life, it's crucial to take breaks to fully appreciate what you have, to come back more loaded than before and find the answers to those questions that sometimes torment us.
On the other hand, who hasn't once felt overwhelmed by events and wondered if the direction is the right one? It is normal to lose the compass in a very full and often stressful life.
There are many ways to recharge your batteries, and one of them is certainly to travel and find a way to indulge at least once in a long period of time dedicated only to travel.

People often tend to think that those who drop everything and go on long trips are selfish. They are seen as people who do not have the courage to face reality and the problems of everyday life and therefore run away, not to find something but to avoid responsibility. But the reality is quite different. Those who judge are often moved by envy and lack of courage, they are individuals who reason according to the principle of "if I can't do it, nobody has to do it". But taking a sabbatical is, among other things, precisely to give a damn about the judgment of others.
No one can tell you if what you're doing is right or wrong: only you can know. And in many situations, stopping and continuing to live a sad and doubtful existence does not mean having courage, on the contrary. .
If you want to take a gap year, do it. It might be the best decision of your life.

Everyone suffocates the instinct to leave. Desire is there, but fear holds us back and takes over: what about money? What about friends? And the house? What about relatives? What about work?
In short, when faced with the prospect of embarking on an adventure that could change your life, you think only of the obstacles, of what is holding you back. You don't focus on the extraordinary things you could achieve, but on what you could lose. So you completely lose sight of the goal.
The truth is that if you take a whole year to travel the world, nothing will have changed when you return. In fact, only you will have changed, almost certainly for the better.
Your home, your family, your friends and your town will all be there as you left them. If you choose to stay in the comfort zone, you'll miss a train that's unlikely to come back. If you travel the world for a whole year, you get something that will stay with you forever. And when you come back, you won't have missed anything: everything will be as it was before.
Everyone has wondered at least once what it would be like to live in a completely different way.
Somewhere around the world there is a city employee who, while sitting at his desk, is imagining what his existence would be like if he had tried to become a professional surfer. Somewhere else there's a saleswoman wondering what would have happened if instead of looking for a job right after college he had tried to open a restaurant following his passion for cooking.
He uses his sabbatical year to try to live a completely different life. After all, it doesn't matter whether you are young or old, woman or man, a graduate or an eighth grade student: the sabbatical is your (only?) opportunity to try to follow different paths.
Change also finds its place in your regular life, anyone can change without leaving. But if you have the chance to take a year off to do what you want, you should do it.

When you have a job, you cannot travel for more than 3-4 consecutive weeks. If your greatest passion is travelling, this situation is very frustrating. A gap year is therefore the ideal solution for travelling for months at a time.
Have you always wanted to visit all of South America, from Colombia to Argentina? You can do it. Do you want to take part in a cooking class in Thailand following your passion for cooking? You can do it. Do you want to travel to Australia from Europe without flying? You can do it.

The sabbatical is too big an opportunity not to take it. One day you might find your dream job and the right person to start a family, and then you can't and won't want to leave.
There isn't a right time to leave. No matter how many years you've lived and how many more to live, you can travel at any time and make the most of your sabbatical. Age doesn't matter when you find yourself in an unknown country, ready to be carried away by the experience and discover that corner of the world.
It's just gonna be you and the road. Don't put off a decision that could change your life forever. If you can and want to take a sabbatical, there's no point in thinking about tomorrow. The only certainty is that you're there today and you can leave. Tomorrow may be too late and some trains won't come back.

Have you and your language exchange friends ever taken a sabbatical or gone on a very long trip? If you want, tell us your experiences in the comments!

Written by: Martina Sassi, Staff Writer

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