How to learn a new language during the lockdown

How to learn a new language during the lockdown

The lock down has been here for a few weeks and it’s likely to go on for a fair few more, so what can you realistically do to stop yourself from going crazy during the quarantine period?

Well, you can binge watch Netflix, read a lot of books, draw, cook, write, colour, play video games and exercise, but eventually, everything gets too much for us and we still remain bored.

One thing that you could do though is take advantage of the situation and the time you have on your hands in order to learn a new language.

You’ve always wanted to learn another language for whatever reason, it could be to meet new people, to get a better job, to watch foreign movies, to flirt, whatever it is, you want to better yourself and learn, so how can you do it?

Well, we’ve compiled this list of things that can help you with this new found journey and get you on your way to being a polyglot within weeks!


Duolingo is a great little app to get you started on learning a language. It’s probably the best starter app there is around, but be warned it is only a starter app and it’s not as detailed as you may like to go once you nail the basics.

That little owl is going to give you a wonderful start to learning your new language and your vocabulary will definitely improve before you venture out into the world, but it’s not a sure fire way to become fluent.

There are some very bizarre sentences designed to make you feel like you have to do some of the work at least and Duolingo isn’t going to provide you with all the answers in one easy sitting.

So far, during my practice, I’ve seen “spiders are washing the pope,” “the cat is giving a woman a skirt,” “my desire is not to kill anymore,” and my personal favourite “the woman is in the fridge.”

So, Duolingo works with an algorithm type method and tries to utilise the internet for it’s translation sentences, usually with very good effect, but now and then you are confronted with a bunch of crazy nonsense, which honestly makes the whole thing more enjoyable, especially when you have a notification from the angry owl at 3:35AM because you haven’t practiced your Welsh in three days.

Download this app and get yourself started with the basics.


Binge movies and series in another language.

There is a linguistic theory which argues that if we are to flood ourselves daily with our target language, it’s similar to learning when we are young and we are likely to increase our capability with these methods.

There are a lot of movies or series that I could recommend, but honestly the best way is to find something that you really like and get going on it.

Personally, I started off with Brooklyn Nine Nine and turned on the subtitles in Spanish while watching the show in English. It’s a show I’d already seen five or six times start to finish, so the dialogue was familiar enough to me that I was able to read the subtitles while going along with the story.

If you’re extremely serious about learning but acquisition isn’t your style and you need to have stuff written down in order to make heads or tails of your learning progress, then you’ll need to get a notebook and write down all the phrases or vocabulary that you’ve learnt that day from the movies or series.

I’d also suggest trying to use them in a sentence or two and then seeing if they match up to the correct meaning.

It’s definitely a method that works better for some people than others, but I’d say that everyone is capable of doing this for at least a week to try and get some idea of how things work.


This is a new way of communicating that requires us to utilise the internet for something good, rather than just chilling out and scrolling through mind numbing nonsense.

The internet is a wonderful tool if used correctly and we are here to provide a great service to the people who are serious about using our platform.

A language exchange, put simply, is the exchange of two speakers from different countries or origins, who are looking to learn the other user’s language respectfully.

Studenz offers the ability to speak to people all around the world through direct messages, instant chat, comments and even via video call.

We have other articles which explain exactly how you can use the website to get acquainted with people all around the world, but feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Historically, people used to send letters to pen pals in far away countries, since the internet was not available back then, but now we have a network of online users that are far more connected than anywhere else has been in the past.

If you’ve ever used Conversation Exchange, Hello Talk or Interpals in the past, then our website works in largely the same way, but is much more customizable, you can get your own page set up with pictures, videos, comments, friends and much more.

Try it out here on our language exchange platform.

Written by: Jordan Benyon, Staff Writer

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