What's the translator everyone's talking about?

What's the translator everyone's talking about?

Perhaps the biggest obstacle you encounter when travelling abroad is the language barrier. We may find ourselves in the situation of having to communicate with people who do not speak our language and, as a result, it may be difficult to express ourselves and be understood. It would be nice if we could immediately get in touch with someone in every corner of the world, right? This is now possible thanks to a translator who has become very famous in a very short time. I'm talking about Muama Enence, one of Japan's latest technological innovations.
Muama Enence makes it possible to communicate in real time in a bidirectional way with everyone. It is an extremely useful product for those who travel a lot, for those who work for international companies, but also for those who communicate a lot with people of different cultures on the Internet. This intelligent translator allows you to translate words from over 40 languages of the world using the voice system. It automatically recognizes the correct language and the translation language. The Muama Enence translator can only be purchased on the official Enence website, where promotions are constantly offered. The basic price is $178. In my opinion it is not an excessive price considering that a professional translator or interpreter is very expensive.
How does this translator work? The best known way to translate is definitely with Google Translate. Everyone knows it and they use it when a translation is needed. Although it is a very useful function, it has some limits. People have to write what they say to get a translation and translations are not very accurate, especially for less common languages. Instead, with Muama Enence it is like having a personal translator always and everywhere. If you want to find out what a person is talking about in front of you, simply using this device you will get the translation into the desired language. The translation will be extremely precise and instantaneous thanks to a “revolutionary voice recognition technology”, as it is advertised on the company's website.
Translation can be done in several ways: you can translate texts, single words and entire speeches. If you want to translate a text, just enter it in the appropriate field. It will be processed automatically and your translation will be displayed. When you type a word in the translator, a list of possible translations and word synonyms is displayed. In addition, the frequency with which this translation is used is indicated. You can also pronounce complete sentences and when an error occurs in pronunciation, the device will detect it and automatically correct the errors.
How is the translator used? MUAMA Enence is a small language computer that can translate into over 40 languages in real time. You just need to say your sentences on the device and it will instantly translate perfectly into any language, so you can easily communicate with your counterpart. For those who can't afford long and expensive language courses, it allows you to communicate freely with anyone you know whenever you need to. You only have to make one purchase and you can have (almost) all the languages of the world in your hands.
What are the advantages of this device? Reading some of the thousands of positive reviews, it is evident that the recording and playback quality is excellent: everything this product records and reproduces has a clean and easy listening sound. The design is compact: the device is very small and can be taken anywhere. Translation is instantaneous: the product translates what you record simultaneously and without difficulty. Finally, there is a wide variety of translatable languages, ranging from the most common languages, such as French, Spanish and German, to lesser-known ones, such as Vietnamese, Bulgarian and Croatian. Finally, it is extremely easy to use: before using the device, you need to download the specific application to your smartphone. In this way it will also be possible to improve the operation and make it as simple as possible. After that, you just need to press a button, talk to the device, release the button and listen to the translation.

As you well know, learning a new language takes months or years and speaking it is a beautiful experience that I recommend you do if you travel in a country where the language you have or are studying is spoken. In case you decide to visit a country where you do not know the language, using a translator like this one can be very useful. So far, I have not found any negative reviews. Is Muama Enence to be considered revolutionary? Would you and your language exchange friends buy it if you decided to travel abroad? Let us know your opinions in the comments section!

Written by: Martina Sassi, Staff Writer

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