The world needs dreamers

The world needs dreamers

What has always struck me about dreamers is the way they understand life. Normal people see everything in black or white because they reason according to established and established patterns: either do the right thing or do the wrong thing.
Dreamers, on the other hand, live in shades: where others see a fork in the road, they see thousands of roads leading in all possible and imaginable directions. And the more they see opportunities, however distant and improbable, the more they continue to dream.
Those who do not dream, give up. They believe that life is "all here" and there is nothing to do but accept it for what it is. He self-convinces himself that it is normal to be sick and that it is right to live in suffering, dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

Who does not dream, wants to see the dreams of others broken. Quickly and brutally. Because those who do not dream do not have empathy, they live in their small corner of the world without ever raising their eyes to the sky and the stars, without wondering what is beyond the horizon drawn by the sea. He accepts only one way of life - his own - and does everything to destroy those who try to make a change. Because he is terribly afraid of change.
A dreamer, however, is not afraid of anything. He has confidence in himself, in others and in the universe. He knows for sure that in this crazy life anything is possible, and he is convinced that whatever goes through his head can become reality with the right determination and commitment.
Travelers have always been great dreamers. In fact, every true traveler can only be a dreamer, because when you think about the next destination and everything that an adventure can transmit to you, you are dreaming. Every time you think about the beauty of a journey far away in time but close to your heart, you are dreaming. Every time you get excited imagining distant and fascinating places, you are dreaming.
And even when you're actually traveling, don't you ever feel like you're dreaming? You walk through streets full of scents, sounds, tongues, eyes and clothes different from usual, and it doesn't seem true. You wonder how real that experience made of a thousand different but incredibly connected factors can be.
I had a daydream while traveling in Indonesia, when I was walking among the stalls of a night market. But also when I crossed the Phong Nah National Park on a scooter, losing myself in the shocking beauty of the heart of Vietnam. And when I explored the forests of Vancouver Island and the deserts of Western Australia.
Were they dreams or was it reality? Sometimes I wonder. Then I realize that it doesn't matter, because when I want to, I can stop and relive it all, moment by moment, as one of those dreams that you remember forever. Like one of those journeys that you will never forget.
What I know is that the world has a desperate need for dreamers and travelers.
We live in an era that on the one hand is dominated by hatred, distrust and indifference and on the other is characterized by technological overpower, which among the many consequences leads us to dream less and less.
Because we have the smartphone at hand, so what is the point of imagining a destination? Why should you risk getting lost when you have maps available at any time? Why interact with strangers if that object in your pocket can give you all the directions in the world?
The inhabitants of this world are becoming increasingly cynical, cold and insensitive. We shut ourselves away in the comfort of technology and have forgotten how to talk, how to discover, how to love. There is only one way to reverse this situation and return to creating a universal bond between people, to feel alive again: to dream.
Because dreaming doesn't cost anything but gives you so much. And the greatest dream that we can cultivate, all together, is that of a better world, without the hatred, violence, devastation, suffering and exploitation that we have brought to levels never seen before with our phantom "progress".
We travel with awareness, to learn and grow as individuals, to understand what happens beyond our usual horizons, to stop judging and start doing something for change. We dream irrationally, pointing our hearts towards what makes us smile, however much it is indicated by all as an impossible foolishness.
Now more than ever, the world needs people with the strength to rebel against the idea that "it is normal" to live only to work and pay bills, within empty existences controlled by materialism and based on appearances. The world needs people who are not afraid of change and have no reason to disguise who they are. People who do not aim high, but beyond. Those who believe in it, always and anyway, despite the cynicism of our times.
The world needs dreamers.

Are you and your language exchange friends dreamers? Do you see the world from an optimistic perspective, do you like to put yourself out there and are you open to change and new possibilities? Let us know in the comments!

Written by: Martina Sassi, Staff Writer
Language Exchange