When it comes to choosing what to wear, picking the right colours can help relieve anxiety and stress, which are at their highest level in this time of emergency.

According to colour therapy, colours have a significant impact on our mood and psyche. This therapy has ancient origins: the Egyptians and Greeks already painted their homes and public buildings with precise colours and used ointments and coloured stones to combat various physical pains.

The theory behind colour therapy can also be put into practice in our daily life by dressing in colours that calm, stimulate good mood and thus help mind and body to regain their well-being.

In this difficult period when we are all worried and afraid of being infected by the Coronavirus, wearing soothing colours is certainly a choice that can help us feel better not only psychologically but also physically: good mood and a calm mind strengthen the immune system, so the colours that convey optimistic thoughts are perfect allies to face these critical days.

To help you choose homemade looks as well as those for when you need to go out (only for essential needs such as shopping and pharmacy), here is how to select the best colours according to the chromotherapy, as they are perfect to make both the wearer and the viewer feel good, giving everyone a good dose of chromotherapeutic positivity.

Red, to recharge your energy

The number one colour that chromotherapy indicates as beneficial is red. Wearing, looking, painting home and furnishing in this shade offers a real bath of energy.

It is in fact the colour that provides physical and psychic energy. Used as an adjuvant in treatments to treat symptoms of depression, joint pain, flu symptoms, drowsiness and tiredness, red is able to convey so much strength through the eyes that look at it, strength that radiates throughout the body.

If you're living critically with your partner or family members, with the complicity of boredom and isolation, whatever outfit you choose, make fire red the fil rouge of your look to give a burst of energy to you and to those who see it.

Blue, for a full immersion in the calm

At the antipodes of red is blue. Both at the level of "warmth" (red is a warm colour while blue is the prince of cold colours) and for the effects it causes to the mind. This colour induces calm, serenity and inner peace, thus exerting a relaxing effect on the mind and consequently also on the body. The calmness that blue produces mentally, in fact, leads the muscles to relax, for a 360° serenity.

It helps to solve problems of insomnia, agitation, nervousness and stress, allows the liver to purify itself more, relieves inflammatory states and stimulates concentration. It reduces blood pressure and heartbeat, leading to total calm, which is particularly beneficial during this period.

The ideal would be to use this nuance for nightwear, opting for pyjamas, nightgowns and blue dressing gowns that will stimulate sleep and improve the quality of sleep.

Yellow, a concentrate of cheerfulness

What we need most in life in general and these days in particular is to smile and laugh. Cheerfulness is an antidote to any problem, both physical and mental. The colour that most represents it is yellow, the vitamin tint par excellence.

The shade of lemon perfectly describes the ever-changing cosmic energy and manages to arouse an immediate sensation of well-being. The good mood is given by the joy and the desire for change that this colour brings with it.

Physically, yellow is highly detoxifying: it eliminates toxins, is good for the digestive system and stimulates digestion. In periods of lack of appetite and tiredness, this colour helps to regain hunger, energy and a smile.

So, let's welcome yellow with open arms in our daily outfits. Any outfit of this colour will make you rediscover joy and infuse it to others. Otherwise use a bit of "yellow touch" for the accessories, so you will light up with charm and positivity.

Green, to combat anxiety

There are many colours that help to drive away anxious states and regain serenity. Among them, a special mention goes to green. The official colour of hope also represents determination and tenacity. These, in fact, are stimulated by green, helping to deal with critical periods.

As the level of tenacity is strengthened, the level of anxiety will inevitably be lowered. In addition to anxiety, green is an excellent remedy for persistent headaches (often related to anxious states).

A wardrobe that focuses on a green palette allows you to feel beautiful and at the same time to find some calm, giving it to those around you.

Orange, to make you feel full of optimism

Are you pessimistic and prone to sadness? The colour solution is orange.

This colour, like yellow, is also one of those vitamin colours that can energize the mind, just as if they bring a beneficial nutritional content to the psyche composed of vitamins.

In chromotherapy, orange is used to treat thyroid and asthma problems. From a psychic point of view, it is recommended to regain optimism and joy.

Since optimism is not very "fashionable" these days, let's make this colour fashionable! For indoor looks, orange dresses will make you look at the top of form, at the height of charm and, last but not least, at the height of optimism.

Violet, to escape with the fantasy

Is domestic isolation starting to get tight? Stimulate fantasy and the consequent (mental) escape by wearing violet.

This colour mixes purple and blue and is able to increase your imagination, allowing you to wander with your mind through good memories, future hopes and restorative brain ramblings.

Even physically violet helps a lot, in fact it is used in case of problems related to skin, kidneys and bladder.

Violet clothes or accessories will make you feel more creative, inspired and less likely to get lazy on the sofa.

Indigo, to tone up physically and mentally

Finally, there is indigo, a particular shade of blue that is quite similar to navy and deep blue. It is part of the seven-colour palette on which the chromotherapy is based and seems to have toning and purifying effects on the blood. It also stimulates hearing, sight and smell, stimulating three fundamental senses.

What you need is more reactivity to stimuli? Then indigo is what you need.

At home, wearing indigo clothes will help you regain interest in what you see and what you hear with your ears and nose, stimulating a range of sensory reactions to combat apathy and boredom.

Have you ever heard of chromotherapy? Do you and your language exchange friends wear what colour clothes during quarantine? Now you know that every colour conveys a specific feeling and can make us and those close to us feel good.

Written by: Martina Sassi, Staff Writer
Language Exchange