Seven Netflix Series to Binge While in Lockdown

Seven Netflix Series to Binge While in Lockdown

From horror series to comedy, from crime series to costume shows on Netflix there are TV series for all tastes.

Stop going out and start the marathons on the couch. This is the time to recover the TV series you've always wanted to watch, but never had time to start.

They are also a good way to improve your knowledge of a foreign language, in fact two of the TV series that I have chosen to suggest you can watch in the original language, namely Spanish and German. Students of these languages but, more generally, anyone who studies English and wants to watch the series without dubbing in their mother tongue will be able to combine entertainment with language improvement and if they plan to do a language exchange in one of the countries where Spanish, German and English are spoken talking about TV series will certainly be an interesting topic of discussion.

Money Heist

The story sees an unknown and anonymous "Professor" hire a series of characters with problems with justice to carry out the greatest robbery in history. Each member of the gang that takes its code name from a world capital is dressed in a red metalworker's overalls and his face hidden by the mask of the famous Spanish painter Salvador Dali. The whole story is told by Tokyo. Together with her we find Moscow, Berlin, Nairobi, Denver, Rio, Helsinki and Oslo, to which Stockholm will later join. The group manages to enter the Royal Mint of Spain and take its employees hostage together with a visiting schoolgirl. The Professor coordinates the operations from the outside in an intelligence game with Inspector Raquel. Like all plans, although the hit was thought out in every detail, then it's up to the man to put them into action and accidents and feelings risk wrecking the entire operation.

Why watch the series: it has won numerous awards and is considered the best non-English-language TV series. It has received the appreciation of millions of viewers even though it has provoked quite a few criticisms. Each character is very well characterized and anyone who watches the series can be reflected in at least one of them. The story is simple but full of twists and turns, and there's a nice mix of action scenes, soap opera moments, dramatic passages and funny dialogues.

The Witcher

The Witcher is well known thanks to a series of video games, but they owe their success to a beautiful story told in a series of novels written by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. Today a new piece has been put to this winning franchise, which has become a TV series that has reached worldwide popularity.

The series follows Geralt of Rivia, whose occupation as a mutant "sorcerer" sees him kill monsters for money. The hero finds himself caught up in a larger plot, however, as his fate intertwines with the escaped Cyril Princess and the powerful sorceress Yennefer who tests the limits of his abilities.

Why watch the series: if you haven't seen The Witcher yet, you absolutely have to run and watch what some film critics say is a future milestone in the fantasy genre. The medieval settings, the clothes, the sets are well represented, and the fantasy world made of magical creatures will bewitch you.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is set in 1983 in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, and tells the story of a group of four nerdy kids and their families, whose lives are shattered by strange phenomena that lead to the disappearance of a boy in the group, 12-year-old Will Byers, who, returning home on his bike after playing with his friends, realizes he is being chased by a strange being. At the same time another bizarre event occurs, the arrival in town of a little girl with shaved hair, Eleven, escaped from a secret laboratory, the Haekins National Laboratory, taking advantage of the confusion generated by the death of a researcher, killed by a mysterious creature. During her escape from the laboratory, Eleven meets the members of the group who have set out in search of their friend and shows them his incredible telekinetic powers. She tells them she knows who, or rather what, has kidnapped Will and where he is, offering to help them find him.

Why watch the series: if you want to feel like a child for a few hours, this series is for you. It transports you to that place of the mind where we are all the same: kids who love to dream, who want to live adventures, and who create them thanks to the power of imagination and the power of friendship. Also, the soundtrack is dragging.


You can't visit the Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna at the moment and it will take a while before you can return to the Austrian capital. But on the 120th anniversary of the publication of the book that marked the birth of psychoanalysis, the Interpretation of Dreams, we can always immerse ourselves in the exciting atmosphere of Vienna at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries by watching this new TV series.

Freud is a thriller set in 1886 in Vienna. The life of the protagonist, Sigmund Freud, is intertwined with the case of a serial killer who is upsetting the city. Together with psychic Fleur and police inspector Alfred he finds himself involved in a murderous conspiracy and, with his deep knowledge of psychoanalysis and thanks to his studies on the secrets of the human mind, Freud seems the perfect person to stop a dangerous serial killer who is terrorizing the city.

Why watch the series: Freud is not represented as the image we all have of him, the analyst and father of psychoanalysis. On the contrary, Sigmund is presented in a detective version and we see a mix of biography, horror and fantasy. Freud has left me breathless during all the episodes.


Self-Made is an original Netflix miniseries that tells the true story of Madam C.J Walker, a revolutionary African American entrepreneur of hair care products, who was the first American woman to become a millionaire on her own. Against all odds, overcoming the racial and gender prejudices of the post-slavery period, personal betrayals and business rivalries, she built a successful career. Not only that, she revolutionized an industry and took advantage of her position to promote positive social change.

The protagonist is an African-American woman who works as a laundress for a living, and, not being able to take care of herself enough, she even lost part of her hair (a quite frequent problem for the poorest people of the time). The turning point comes when she meets Addie Munroe, who offers her hair products in exchange for her services as a laundress. Sarah understands, however, that her life is tight, and decides to get involved by selling Addie's hair products, from which she will take inspiration to build her empire.

Why watch the series: The series sends a beautiful message, that is to bet on yourself and not let yourself down, even at a difficult time. Not even when you're at a disadvantage. The lives of some successful people have been the basis of books, films and series produced over the years. This is because the latter can often be a source of inspiration to overcome the obstacles we may face, to adapt and to evolve as individuals. The figure of Sarah is, therefore, a fantastic example of female emancipation.


Lucifer Morningstar has decided that he has had enough of being a servant in hell and decides to spend some time on Earth to better understand humanity. He settles in Los Angeles - the City of Angels- where he opens a night club called "Lux", which soon becomes very well known, and gives himself to the good life. A few years later, Lucifer's street meets that of divorced policewoman Chloe, who is investigating the murder of a friend of Lucifer. Lucifer's powers are linked to desires he is able to force anyone to reveal his darkest desires to him (only later will you understand what this "gift" is for) but when he is in front of Chloe he will discover that he cannot read her mind. Fascinated by the mystery surrounding the detective, he will begin to collaborate with her.

The most fascinating part of the series is the evolution and introspection of Lucifer's character. The devil is changing, becoming more human and vulnerable... and the change seems to be detective related. In order to understand what's happening to him, Lucifer will start dating the psychologist Linda who, although convinced that her patient suffers from some kind of obsession for which she believes she's the devil, will be helpful on several occasions, even though Lucifer tends to interpret his advice as he sees fit. Although his brother, the angel Amenadiel, continually insists that he return to hell, Mazikeen points out to him that human feelings are arising in him and he has finally discovered that he has become mortal.

Why watch this series: unexpectedly we are told about a Lucifer who is much more angelic than expected, who likes to do justice for the innocent and inflict the right punishment on the wicked. As time goes by, he feels more and more human feelings, has a strong sense of humour and is very sarcastic. We are therefore presented with the figure of the devil in a completely new way. The series is my favourite! It is magnetic and has kept me literally glued to the screen for hours.

Game of Thrones

Eight seasons and 73 episodes. Can you imagine a better TV series for a long marathon on the couch? Maybe not. The Iron Throne has already gone down in history as the most awarded and nominated TV series ever. The TV series is taken from the cycle of novels called Chronicles of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin and is set in an imaginary world consisting mainly of the Western continent (Westeros) and the Eastern continent (Essos). The struggle for the conquest of the Seven Kingdoms' Throne of Swords among the most powerful and noble families of the continent - the Starks, Lannisters and Targaryen - to clash or ally themselves in a game of intrigue, murder and betrayal.

Why watch the series: The World of the Iron Throne is one of the most evocative created by fantasy literature and wild locations have been chosen as the set. So, get ready to be catapulted to Northern Ireland, Iceland, Croatia and Spain. A nice tour to be inside the house, don't you think?

These days are certainly not easy for any of us and staying closed can often be synonymous with boredom. Not being able to go out, however, allows us to have fun and be transported for a few hours in distant worlds. In short, being forced to spend the days on the couch can have its positive sides!

Written by Martina Sassi, Staff Writer Language Exchange