Language and culture exchange

Language and culture exchange

With the increase in international trade and the development of the global economy more and more people are speaking English and learning it because it is essential. Language embodies a country's values, and engaging in language exchanges can help you learn more about the culture of others.

Customs, habits, food, everything you need to know about a foreign culture by immersing yourself in a daily experience for a school exchange for example. This opens doors culturally but you will also discover many new perspectives for yourself.
The benefits are long term since you will never forget what you have lived there, linguistically you will not forget the language you have just learned, nor the way of life you have lived by learning to manage on your own while having support on the spot.

Students who use language exchanges say that their outlook on life and situations has changed, that this experience will be with them for the rest of their lives, that they have learned to fight for their happiness and take charge of their destiny to become the person they want to be.

If you can't leave or you want to have this kind of experience with your family you can also become a host family for foreigners, this way you can discover your country, your culture and create links with people different from the ones you could have found in your country. It will be a way to enrich your own culture and your knowledge about it as you will have to face many questions, make them discover the culinary culture, the local know-how, your life habits etc...


Based on the idea of connecting two people who speak different languages to learn from each other. For example, a Spanish-speaking student who wants to improve his English will be paired with an English-speaking student who wants to learn Spanish.

The exchange will take place through a friendly conversation, face to face or online, in a relaxed atmosphere. Emphasis will be placed on learning the language but also on understanding the customs and traditions of the country concerned. You learn by doing, so this exchange is all about practicing the language.

Learning while having fun is the best way to learn, to improve one's language skills by meeting new people and making friends. In this way you will learn the basics of a new language and practice a language other than your own. This will allow you to make new friends, learn a lot about other cultures and be more open-minded about other nationalities.

Professionally it can also be an opportunity to develop a network and share your experiences and strengthen your confidence in yourself and others. On your CV this will also be an interesting point as it will reflect your open-mindedness towards the world, new experiences etc...


Through our site you have the opportunity to chat with people from all over the world to learn the language of your choice while sharing your personal knowledge of your language with someone else.

It is a language exchange to help you gain more knowledge about others, cultures, languages, countries to help you understand the world around you.

Thanks to the advanced search you will be able to select with which person you wish to discuss, which nationality, which country, which language, and share on your profile your motivations, your desire to learn and the things you are passionate about in life to make others want to get to know you and exchange with you.

You also have access to a large number of articles with different subjects, it can be advice on how to make language exchanges with foreign people, advice on how to seduce while making language exchanges but also for those who live in London news about the city, events, advice on how to integrate as an expatriate and many others. You will also find news topics such as Book Day, Women's Day, Brexit, the American elections or the coronavirus.


Learning a new language will give you value in the eyes of employers, it will be a way to differentiate yourself from others and highlight your cultural diversity. Also, learning new languages improves memory capacity and prevents the risk of Alzheimer's disease, so it preserves your health.

It also opens your horizons to all other cultures and countries, your vision of the world will be all the better as you will understand the values of tolerance and avoid any further rise of racism. For your personal satisfaction it is also important to feel proud of yourself and of what you accomplish, certainly the learning process will be long and difficult but the satisfaction you will get when you can speak an additional language will be important.

Moreover, it seems that the first languages you learn are difficult, but by learning different languages you will improve your ability to understand the functioning and construction of other languages. Overall, the more you learn the easier it is to learn, so it is a virtuous circle.


There are also organizations that organize trips for students to other countries for a few weeks. However, you will probably be immersed with people who speak your language unless you are placed with a host family when you arrive in the country.

You may also decide to go and work in a foreign country for a few months as there is no better way to learn a language than to be there, to mix with daily life and to create your own routine to better understand everyday life.

Studying at foreign universities through the erasmus programs will also allow you to travel, take classes in another language and meet students your own age from another culture. In this way you will be able to immerse yourself more immediately in the culture of the country where you find yourself.

So if you want to talk to people from all over the world you know what you have to do, just visit the language exchange section of our site.

Written by: Lisa Lambert, Staff Writer

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