What are the best English language series on Netflix?

What are the best English language series on Netflix?

If you want to work on your English by watching series this article is for you, here are the best Netflix series in English. Don't forget to put the English subtitles if you're afraid you won't understand everything!


It is the story of an ambitious politician who uses corruption to become president of the United States. If you're interested, you can work on your English, it's an accessible series with terms that are both simple and complicated from the realm of politics.


A detective drama about a financial planner from Chicago who has to move his family to the Ozarks, a Midwestern U.S. seaside resort. A Mexican cartel discovers that he has stolen money from them, and so begins a series of unexpected events.


If you're a fan of science fiction and teen series then this is the perfect show. Featuring Winona Ryder, David Harbour and some new talented young actors. Supernatural horror comedy set in the 80's in the town of Hawkins, Indiana located next to a secret government facility that conducts strange and dangerous experiments. A mysterious girl with supernatural powers enters the life of a group of friends from a country town in the United States. It all begins when Will, a boy in the group, disappears and his friends begin an investigation to uncover the truth. A good opportunity to familiarise yourself with the English slang of the 80's, to learn more about the culture of that time but you will also learn vocabulary related to science fiction.


Piper is sent to prison for a minor crime, the series follows her in her adventures in the penitentiary and especially in her encounters. One thing's for sure, you'd learn a lot of slang there. It's also a women's show about the life of women in prison.


How can you do without this series if you want to learn more about the British Royalty or if you are a theatre and history lover? Get to know Queen Elizabeth II in the 1940's when she was young and newly married. You will see a lot of information about history, culture, social issues etc. but you will also be able to hear some British accents to fall in order to best prepare you for coming to live in the UK.


Marvel series regrouping the films Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist that you must have seen if you want to understand the series. We really advise you to do so because this series is worth seeing. If you are a big fan of Marvel just like we are then you will not be disappointed, there are only less vulgarities.


Considered one of the greatest British comedies of all time for its "mockumentary" style, this series has the ability to find absurd humour in the everyday life of a boring office environment. The spoken English is naturalistic and the lines are mumbled under the breath of the actors. If you manage to follow this series then you are officially experienced.


A crazy comedy that will make you laugh your head off. An innocent young woman who is held in an underground bunker by a cult leader for years eventually escapes and moves to New York to rebuild her life. Only for someone cut off from the world for so long it is not always easy to adapt to modernity and social relationships. Her roommate Titus Andromedon is the funniest character we have seen so far.


With Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust as the main characters this series tells the story of a nice boy Gus and a rebellious girl Mickey, they go through a lot together in their modern relationship and you will have the opportunity to see both points of view which gives a more objective view on love relationships. If you like comedies and romance novels this series is for you, the characters and situations are realistic and many people approve. You will learn words of various vocabulary and above all you will learn to understand the English sense of humour.


A little harder to watch this series deals with the subject of teenage suicide however it is also one of the most popular series of Netflix because of its similarity with everyday realities. After Hannah's suicide, her friend Clay, secretly in love with her from the beginning, discovers a box of tapes for each of the people she accuses of inciting her to commit suicide. Be careful with the slang words used - they are not always easy to understand.


The famous detective Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, one of the most adored figures in British literature. This series is a reboot that has brought history to all audiences, famous tales such as the dog of the Baskervilles and the fall of Reichenbach. The main role being attributed to Benedict Cumberbatch is all the more pleasing. Pay attention to the dialogues, they are rather fast, this series is more for people with a good level of English. If you are in London you can go to Baker Street where Sherlock Holmes lives.


A brave police drama based in central London, this series launched the career of Idris Elba who is now an international film star. Exceptional performances, each episode focuses on a new case and is full of twists and turns so that the audience is never bored. With a British regional accent, you will be able to familiarise yourself with London life.


This is a series that is worth the detour, to say the least, a new drama that is very popular in the United Kingdom and has made its way across the Atlantic. Richard Madden main actor and also star of the well known series "Game of Thrones".

Here he plays a military veteran turned policeman in charge of protecting a high ranking politician during a delicate period. Suspense, action, everything is here to immerse you in this thriller. In internal conflict with his past and his current duty to his country, Richard Madden is all the more vulnerable and touching.


A slightly black comedy about James, a shy and disturbed 17-year-old boy who thinks he's a psychopath and his budding Bonnie & Clyde-type relationship with Alyssa, a classmate damaged by a dysfunctional family. A high school version of True Romance with two deeply troubled and misanthropic teenagers who find comfort in each other and are willing to commit crimes to maintain their relationship.


A classic comedy, this series highlights the IT department of a company and the management working above them. Typical British humour and endearing characters you can only appreciate.


Once again, science fiction friends, this series is intriguing. In each episode you get a glimpse of the future or the near future where our technology has failed.

This series offers a look at technology that makes us aware of the potential dangers it could bring to our lives. Paradoxically it also makes future entrepreneurs want to make crazy inventions. A huge yes for designing a realistic series that questions the real issues of our generations instead of putting us to sleep with romantic comedy.


Cillian Murphy is incredible in the lead role of Tommy Shelby, leader of the Peaky Blinders and his family clan. In post-war England Shelby leads his gang and seizes power while escaping from the enemies. In the city of Birmingham you will find all the members of the Shelby family ready to get their hands dirty to protect Tommy and their family. Gang warfare, romance, family drama, berets and 3-piece suits are all there to show you a good time.

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Written by: Lisa Lambert, Staff Writer


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