Language exchange with our pets

Language exchange with our pets


It's obvious to everyone that animals don't talk, they communicate in a certain way, but it's non-verbal. On the other hand, most of them are able to understand you, like dogs for example. You can teach many different words to your partner with the help of training for example if you don't feel able to. Not only do they understand the words but also the tone in which you say them.

According to one study it seems that dogs respond better to female voices, which are therefore higher pitched than those of men. These sounds are the most effective in attracting a dog's attention compared to low, quiet voices. If you choose to use training, which is sometimes essential to channel the puppy's alertness, you will need to adapt your voice to make it easier for the animal to understand you.

We all know that dogs are capable of understanding the concepts of "sitting" or "lying down" as well as their own verbal signals.

For example, a border collie learned the meaning of 200 words, he could even use a process of elimination to find unknown words. If he knew the word "ball", for example, and was shown a ball and a stick and told "stick", he would bring the stick. Even if you don't pronounce the words as often as you should, it is proven that he will at least remember a minimum of them and it will be easier to return to practice.


There are a lot of wacky theories out there, and you can even take classes to help you communicate with your pet because some people have a gift for hearing their voice. You can also use hypnotism to clear your head and be as focused as possible to hear your pet.

The animal could transmit information in the form of words, feelings, images or symbols by telepathy with its master.

But what is telepathy? According to the dictionary, it is "the communication of impressions of all kinds from one mind to another, independently of recognised sensory channels". For many it is a language for communicating with or between animals, humans may have a telepathic ability or gift and simply forgot about it when they learned to speak since the way we communicate with our parents as babies is similar to telepathy.

Animals are sentient beings with different emotions, desires and ways of seeing the world.

Psychic communication is essentially telepathic. Messages are transmitted through images, perfumes and emotional or physical feelings received in the body. Animals are always open to communication. You may surprise them sometimes by looking at you for a long time, it would be their way of showing you that they want to communicate with you. If you wish to communicate telepathically with your companion you will have to show him that you are open to discussion to put him in confidence. Speak to him/her as often as you feel the need to do so. This will strengthen your relationship even if you may not be able to understand each other right away.


The key to communicating effectively is emotion, you must be able to clear your mind to be clear with you and the nature around you.

Talk with your emotions, your feelings and trust the connection that binds you to your animal. Imagine what you want them to do or what you are trying to tell them and send them full of emotions that concern you.

Don't expect to hear a voice to understand what your pet is saying, just let the pet's thoughts and feelings reach you.

For example, when a cat blinks at you, it means it trusts you. Blink back to show that you don't mean any harm.

These animals find direct eye contact threatening, they don't want to be conscious of themselves. They are usually not used to staring at anything, unless they are in a hunting state ready to attack, in which case their peripheral vision allows them to concentrate at best.

You may have already noticed that cats when they fight each other, they go out of their way to resolve conflicts.


Obviously if you have decided to take a pet it is because you love animals that you want to give them love and you need them to give it back to you. It is important to show them and make them feel in total trust, tell them how you feel, that you love them is the basis of all communication based on love and understanding of the animal whoever it is.

Many people are sceptical and you can attend workshops on communicating with animals if it helps you to get used to the idea and gives you support in this step. The idea is to forget what you know, forget that animals cannot respond to you and let emotions do the rest to be as close as possible to the animal in total connection.

Many people have been surprised by these workshops and what they imply i.e. to have a real communication with the animals in various visual, mental, emotional and other forms...

After all communication is the basis of any relationship so why not want to create that with your pet who is so loyal and whom you love more than anything else.

It will also be a good way to open yourself up to the world, to different points of view, to all that it is full of mysticism and that we don't necessarily understand.


In short, we know that animals are capable of hearing us, understanding us, seeing the differences between things, but often the concepts they represent are beyond their conceptual capacity. They will learn words but will never understand the exact meaning. They will simply relate it to a visual image and an action.

If you have animals and want to discuss with people from all over the world how you communicate with them or simply want to have a foreign view on the issue of communication between humans and animals you can visit the language exchange section of our Studenz website.

Written by: Lisa Lambert, Staff Writer

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