Benefits of joining Studenz language exchange

Benefits of joining Studenz language exchange


The first thing you can do with is to improve your English, your notions, to be able to practice the language or any other language.

How can you do that? By searching in the database located in the "language exchange" section for people with whom you wish to exchange on the platform.

You will then be able to have language exchanges with anyone in the world, it can be an American, an English person or if you want to improve your Spanish or Italian for example.

In the following database our Language Exchange section you will be able to select the gender, age, country of origin, language you wish to learn and we will propose to you all the people that correspond to what you are looking for.

You will then be able to start doing language exchanges with them if you wish. It can be a mutual exchange where each one decides to learn the other's language or just chat in English about culture and other topics.


Talking to several people from different countries will not only help you improve your language level but also open your mind to other cultures. By getting to know the people on the platform you will also get to know their world, their culture, their differences.

This is a considerable enrichment for your personal culture and open-mindedness. You will even be able to compare the cultural differences of each country if you talk to people from different countries.

This will give you topics for discussion to use with your family or friends, for example to let them discover what you have learned about another country by doing language exchanges with people on our site.

You will also become aware that life is not the same everywhere and that for some things you may be lucky compared to someone of the same age in another country. It is important to realize how lucky we are to live the life we lead, you are the only decision-makers in your actions.


By talking to people you can discover them, find out that you share common ground with them and make friends.

You will also be able to do language exchanges on video to hear their accent, their way of speaking and it will be more obvious to make friends with people.

You will also be able to keep in touch outside and during your visits to your respective countries you may have the chance to discover each other in real life and share real moments while exchanging in a different language.

For example, you can make friends in London and when you come to visit the city for a weekend with your family or maybe live there to study you will already have the assurance of knowing people who can help you discover the city, give you native advice on places to visit and tips on how to avoid queuing in tourist attractions for example. You may have the chance to discover all the markets covered like a real Londoner.


If you want to settle in London or learn more about England you can visit the "Blog" section of our website where you will find articles that will help you find accommodation, a job or an internship in London.

You can also reassure yourself if you are afraid to learn a new language or have doubts about your abilities. It is normal to think that you are not very efficient but you can always turn doubts into motivation, you will find several articles that will help you to manage your stress, your time to be in the best possible conditions to learn a language properly.

The best way to learn a language is to come and live in a country, so if you want to come and improve your English, you can consult our articles and start planning your excursions.

If you are already here you can read our other articles and find tips on living in London and meeting foreigners.


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You can find all possible topics about language exchange, London or any other information about languages in general.

If you are unsure whether you should embark on the adventure of learning a new language then our articles can reassure you that it is never too late and always advisable for personal fulfilment.

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You will be able to see in which country it is good to live or understand how to find love on our site.

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Written by: Lisa Lambert, Staff writer

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