Apps for learning English vocabulary

Apps for learning English vocabulary


If you're looking for applications to learn vocabulary words or you practice educationally when you're in transportation you can find lots of ways to do so with fun websites or applications.

If you want to do complementary exercises to your language learning, if you don't have the time or you want to use your "free" time for example this can be a good way to practice while having fun.

A crossword puzzle in the doctor's waiting room, a guessing game in the subway or an online game with friends on a Sunday from a distance. The options are diverse, you just have to find the application(s) that are right for you.


An intelligent dictionary that allows you to search, record words and play games with quizzes and quizzes adapted to your level.

The kind of game you need on public transport, fun, that makes you think and pass the time. You have to find words that represent the expression written in 6-7 letters.

If you want to play with your friends to find unusual words words with friends is a good application to download. It also allows you to keep in touch with your friends in a different way.

The famous crossword puzzles are also a good way to help you learn new words. Penny Dell Crosswords is a good application to use everywhere, at home, in transportation and it's more convenient than having a journal with a pen.

Memrise is a very good application that you can use for English or any other language of your choice. It offers you different games and the level increases as you play. Another interesting thing about the application is that you can take a picture of an object to get its translation in the language of your choice.

For moments of general culture, if you don't have time you can use Word of the day which sends you new words every day to improve your vocabulary. You can also hear the words to get their pronunciation, you can also choose the accent of the language you want to hear.


Timmy's applications are very popular with children. This can be a good way if you have a really basic level of English and want to learn the basics to be able to do language exchanges with other people.

Timmy’s first words

Timmy’s learning new skills

Timmy’s starting to read

For a level of 5 years old the English for kids application is very playful, you have pictures with vocabulary words to discover. It also has games that can help to write but also to hear the words.

Very fun application for children that is really in the form of mini-games and not as a lesson Learn English Vocabulary is very simple to use there are a lot of pictures and it makes it easier to understand.

For beginners in English you also have Duolingo which is a very well known application that teaches you to speak English by practising 20 minutes a day using fun games to anticipate your future language exchanges.

Busuu is a combination of human interaction and artificial intelligence to learn English or other languages, you can also chat with the community as you can do in the language exchange section of our site.

If you want to take exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, SAT etc you also have applications that help you to be ready for the exam. Like the Improve English Word Games application

Written by: Lisa Lambert, Staff Writer

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