Will Netflix work abroad?

Will Netflix work abroad?

Are you moving abroad and wondering if you'll still be able to watch your favourite shows on Netflix once you get there? In a way yes, if you come from a European country and you move to another European country you will be able to enjoy the same content for a while, however if you stay for more than 3 weeks the platform will tell you that your content will change to become the same as the content of the country you are in.

If you live in London for example and you move to France for a while, don't panic, most series and movies are similar even if there is less choice in France because the rights are restricted you will still be able to see your favorite characters in OV.

However if you do the opposite, you should know that it will be difficult to find your series in French because the available language will be only English, which is probably better for you if you want to improve your level.


First of all because governments can restrict access to Netflix on their territory, as France does. Second, because some rights to broadcast films and series are given to Netflix for some countries and not for others, it is a choice of producers, and Netflix must also choose which rights to buy in which countries.


A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, so if you want to keep content from your home country or even access content from the United States for example because it's wider than anywhere else, you can use a VPN, it's a system you have to download that will block the geolocation of your IP address and you can choose which country you want to be in to browse the internet or Netflix.

However, Netflix is increasing its monitoring and VPN blockers to prevent users from using them, so the list of VPNs you can download is getting shorter by the day. The problem is that it's not officially legal to use this kind of system, so it can be considered cybercrime, so find out about the policies of the country you are in beforehand.


Another important point, VPNs that work with Netflix are not free, I doubt you will be able to find one that works and is free but you can always try, you also have to make sure you have enough space available on your computer because they are quite heavy software.As far as price is concerned, it depends on the VPNs but usually it's £5 to £10 a month, if you're going to be in the country for a long time you'd prefer 6 month subscriptions as they will give you a 50% discount which will be much cheaper than taking a monthly subscription.


A VPN is not only for watching your Netflix series, it also provides protection for your internet usage. No one will be able to see your data because most VPNs use military-grade encryption, even the VPN service itself cannot access your information. This will increase your browsing speed and make it easier for you to download or play games online. They are therefore an excellent tool to fight against online surveillance and censorship, your privacy and security is guaranteed, by the way, all large companies use VPNs to connect their employees to the corporate network when they are not in the office.


This software is available for any destination in the world and you will have no problem using it, it's very simple, most of them just press an ON/OFF button and choose the location you want. Here are the best known and most used VPNs:

- Express VPN is by far the best that exists regarding Netflix and streaming sites, it offers a one month money back guarantee and has an impressive connection speed.

- NordVPN is another well-known software that works just as well for online streaming sites and has an excellent price/performance ratio.

- Cyberghost is also very good with Netflix and has a good price/quality ratio, it is one of the most popular.


If your account settings allow you to access Netflix on your phone, please note that if your phone and operator are from your home country and you are just looking for the original content you can access it freely, just disconnect from the local Wifi you are connected to and return to 4G. Of course you can also share a connection on your computer to enjoy the Netflix content however the connection will of course be slower than if you were connected to Wifi.


If you use a VPN, that you have just downloaded it thanks to our article can be and that you wish to know in which region of the world it is more interesting to identify yourself to access a maximum of content. Without hesitation you must choose the United States, being the country of origin of the company, it is logical that the content is more varied due to a large number of agreements and rights entrusted to the company.

There will not always be the version available in your native language or even subtitles so if you don't speak English it will be difficult for you to understand and follow new series or movies. This is why it is important to learn English, you will be able to see many more choices about the movies and series you want to see.

So it's time to start learning and what better way to learn than talking to native speakers. You can do this through our site in the language exchange section.

Written by: Lisa Lambert, Staff Writer


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