Why language and language exchange are humanity’s greatest inventions

Why language and language exchange are humanity’s greatest inventions


The primary function of language and linguistic exchanges is to communicate with each other in order to understand each other, to have a conversation. Whether it is to acquire information or simply to create a relationship of trust between human beings, communication is essential.

Thanks to language you can ask for directions from strangers on the street, you can get to know new people, learn a new language, a new culture through language exchanges.
Words, sentences, speeches are the basis of communication and interaction between human beings.


Language allows you to put words to what you feel, to express your emotions, which is a natural human need. Being able to put words on feelings helps us to understand our emotions, our feelings in order to better understand ourselves. The human being is in constant search of his identity and the fact of expressing his emotions helps him to see more clearly, to put words on what he wishes or does not wish in his daily life.

To be able to say what you feel is an immense social relief, you confide in a person about what is in your heart allows you to have put words on this feeling that you feel deep inside of you, to identify it and therefore to be aware of its existence. Sometimes you may even be astonished, words will come out of your mouth you will think that they have no importance at the time and then when you think back you will realize that it reflects a feeling that you did not want to accept until now.


Thoughts are sometimes similar to emotions, but making others understand our thoughts through communication allows us to have a clearer aspect of the meaning we give to words. Especially when you are talking to someone from a different country you may find that there are a lot of differences between the meanings of words for you and for him/her, so being able to describe and express our thoughts makes speech clearer between people.

There are many times when we cannot find the words to explain the way we see things, we often hear "words are not enough to describe..." it is true that it is not always enough. To put a word on a feeling, a thought, a state of mind is very difficult, we try to show and communicate to others our vision of the world and life but sometimes in vain. Language is important but words are not enough, that's why there is a multitude of words that put next to each other will allow you to make sentences to be more precise, to describe in a clear way the message you want to convey to others.


The interaction between human beings is very important, from the first moments of our lives we try to communicate in every possible way, even if we don't have the words, to make the other understand what we want. When we have the words it becomes easier to create links with people. It is important to know that if a human being finds himself isolated, cut off from all social interaction as if lost in the middle of nowhere he can potentially go crazy. We need to express ourselves because if we are alone with ourselves our thoughts go round in circles and we don't have different opinions to enlighten us, to make us see life differently. Moreover, interacting with people whether they are known or not brings a feeling of satisfaction, joy, happiness. Happiness being the main quest of Man throughout his life.


Language, because of the way it allows us to communicate, to express our expressions and thoughts to others, is in a way a reflection of our personality. When we talk with others we give an insight into who we are as people, what are the important things in our lives, the values we stand for and the limitations we have. By showing our personality in such a way we try to create social relationships and develop emotional bonds with other people. Indeed, if the person likes to talk with you and the personality you show through your speech echoes what he or she thinks is his or her own, this will lead to the creation of emotional bonds. Whether they are friendly or in love these bonds are very important for the human being it allows him to feel surrounded, loved, accompanied by people he values.


By creating emotional bonds and relationships that connect human beings to each other through language, it gives a more or less distinct identity as a group. This then leads to the creation of a national identity, because indeed all countries are different and have their own identity. We then speak of national unity, because even if there are differences between the values and principles of different groups, the majority identify themselves in the same way as a whole belonging to one country.

That is why it is not humanly possible not to love one's country, even if by dint of being there we tend to see only its faults, to question it and to ask ourselves whether we would not be better off elsewhere, yet the minute you live in another country you realize the differences in culture, mentality and values. You are always looking for discovery to open yourself to the world but at the same time you are looking for people who have your values. Even if it is possible to live abroad and fortunately, you will always keep a certain affection for your country because it defines who you are no matter where you go.

This is the most beautiful thing that language can create, it brings people together, it unites people with each other. It allows them to create social or emotional bonds that define them and make them happy. Allows them to express themselves freely about their condition as human beings, their daily feelings, their fears, their joys...

If you too think that language is the best invention of mankind and that you too want to create links, communicate with people from all over the world in order to open your horizons to other cultures, you can go to our site in the language exchange section.

Written by: Lisa Lambert, Staff Writer


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