Which accent is the sexiest in the world?

Which accent is the sexiest in the world?

Kiwi is the accent of New Zealand, and it's also the sexiest accent in the world, so many people try to get into Kiwi or at least imitate the accent. Often confused with the Australian accent, kiwi is actually a mix of Maori, British English, American English and Australian English. The New Zealand accent is officially the sexiest accent in the world.


Afrikaans is a very popular accent for many people around the world, thanks in part to its unique tones. It is not just an accent, there are dozens of different dialects and hundreds of different accents in South Africa. Thanks to the mix of people from different backgrounds, the accents are very varied.
The country is very large and is a collection of different cultures and people who have emigrated. The popularity of the accent is due to its diversity and constant evolution. It is this diversity that makes that when people speak it creates a melodious sound. The South African mentality is also involved because they like to enjoy life and they often have a smile on their face. This makes us say that happy people have sexy accents.


This accent is often present in films, on television, in famous songs like those of U2. Irish people are known to be funny and they are very appreciated in the world. Often portrayed in films as sexy men singing in isolated pubs around the world, writing and music are an integral part of Irish culture. St. Patrick's Day is celebrated all over the world and products such as Guinness are eaten everywhere, which promotes Ireland and its culture. This great exposure of Irish culture favours the fact that its accent is sexy, it varies a lot from country to country as in most countries, a resident of Northern Ireland will have a very different accent than a resident of Kerry for example.


Once again there is not one accent but several which are Palermo, Catania, Naples, Roma, Bologna, Milan, Udine. Still there is a melodious and pleasant accent to the ear, Italians have shaped their culture for a long time, Italian restaurants can be found in every city in the world and this gives a positive experience to everyone in the world of Italy.
In America they occupy an important place and have influenced movies, TV shows, music, cultures, and then it spread all over the world.
Irish and Italians have been among the great migrants of the United States and have helped to shape the culture of this country. Pop culture indeed shows Italy as an incredibly beautiful country, with men and women with sensual and seductive accents.


It's well known the Australian accent is considered very sexy the little tricks to make you look like an Australian use the words "g'day" and "mate" to blend in with the decor. The main reasons why this is a sexy accent is the fact that it is very different from other English speaking countries, but you can still understand it.

Sunshine and lifestyle have a lot to do with it, Australians are fit, tanned and this attractiveness adds to the accent which makes them irresistible. We can hear their accents in films and shows but also through celebrities like Liam Hemsworth, although it seems that the accent is just as attractive to men as it is to women.


The accent can be strong depending on which part of the country you visit, most of the Scottish accents you will hear will come from populated cities such as Glasgow or Edinburgh. It would reflect a melodious voice that sounds like a song, and exposure in films is also a common thing, just like the Irish.
In this way the culture has spread around the world, whisky, music, writings and celebrities like Gerard Butler and Calvin Harris expose more people to this particular accent.


The dialects according to the regions vary, in total there are 28 regional accents in France, to simplify things we list them by group of regions, the Northern accent, the Parisian accent, the South-Eastern accent, the South-Western accent. Films have also always implied that the French accent is very sexy, actors, male or female, are often portrayed in a sensual and seductive way. This important exposure of the French accent conditions the world to think that it is a sexy nation.

We see them as an elegant, cultured nation that feeds off this sexy accent with a very sensual and sexy tone when they speak English, it seems that people find it even sexier than the French speaking French.


There are more than 400 million Spanish speakers in the world, the accent is heard all over the world with many different dialects and variations. People associate the Latin temperament of Spanish speakers with passionate acts such as dancing and living life to the fullest.
The tone of voice, the dance, everything sounds sweeter and sexier in the Spanish accent, it is found enormously in the music which is very appreciated all over the world and gives a very "caliente" image of Spain.


A very distinctive accent is said to have formed from migrants from Britain arriving from the 17th century onward. Strongly influenced also by slavery and immigration which continued in the South this accent has a unique and legendary history.

Towards the Texas region the vowels are longer and the words less separated, the accents considered the sexiest generally come from the states of Georgia, Texas, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana.

Texas alone is the second largest state in the United States in size, which leads us to believe that there is a multitude of different accents within a state. American films and culture have greatly influenced the vision of these accents, such as Forrest Gump for example, which also makes it very popular around the world.

If you want to compare your accents and have a debate about which accent is the sexiest for you because every opinion is different and this is ours you can discuss with people from all over the world in the language exchange section of our site.

Written by: Lisa Lambert, Staff Writer


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