What are the best English language series on Amazon Prime?

What are the best English language series on Amazon Prime?

If you're a fan of BoJack Horseman, you're going to love Undone, an animated series that takes up the themes of mental illness from the same creators of the Netflix series.
The series follows 28-year-old Alma, a woman stuck in the monotonous rhythm and routine of life who feels unsatisfied with her love relationship. After a very serious car accident she discovers that her life is changing, time is no longer linear and she has the ability to travel through time. This series is the first to use the "rotoscoping" style of animation for each episode, it's a method where the video is digitally traced, creating something that seems surreal and ultra-realistic. Not to mention the script and the great acting, the visuals are also worth the detour.


You've obviously heard about it, this thriller won an Emmy Award and is back with a third season that keeps getting better and better. Rami Malek plays Elliot Alderson, an isolationist cyber-security expert turned vigilant hacktivist, who gives insight into an impenetrable subject matter, the corrupt organizations and faceless companies that these hackers collectively target make interesting contemporary villains. It is one of the most accurate hacking shows, but also an exceptional series in every sense. In the 3rd season Alderson's life will be at stake after being caught in the actions of the Chinese hacker group Dark Army.


While it could have been very bad it is in fact a series worthy of the franchise, Patrick Stewart has taken over his role as Jean-Luc Picard. It's about rebellion, the fight against power and corruption. This allows the series to explore new complexities in the character of Picard and in the angry universe in which he lives, viewing captivating for newcomers as well as for the die-hard.


Bob flips hamburgers, his wife Linda makes sarcastic remarks and Louise is scheming. A formula that sometimes explodes, but it works. This family of cartoonists is really fun to hang out with and even if it's not quite Bojack there's enough to rival the best Netflix series. This series contains 9 seasons of episodes during 22 minutes.


Futuristic series where humanity lives among the stars, a group of anti-heroes is linked by the disappearance of a rich political activist and they have to solve the investigation. Political tensions between Earth, Mars and the Belt add complexity to the situation. There are 4 series available on Prime and each is filled with various missions to Mars politics and space battles.


Superheroes revered by the public and managed by a shady company that ensures they are properly marketed and monetized they are in fact more like Instagram products that influence the steroids of traditional superheroes. The Boys are formed to uncover and punish their corruption - they blame the most powerful and unstable hero, Homelander. This comedy series has already been renewed for a second season after critics and promising numbers.


A group of comic book enthusiasts get their hands on a legendary manuscript of the novel "The Utopia Experiments". They are hunted down by a group backed by a pharmaceutical multinational willing to do anything to get the secret hidden in these pages including killing anyone in their way and framing teenagers for murder. The mysteries of Utopia and the occasional violence of these two short series are inescapable. In addition, Amazon is currently producing a remake based in the United States.


The 10 seasons of Futurama are currently being streamed, but with the launch of Disney+ there is a good chance they won't stay on Amazon for very long since the rights belong to Fox, which is owned by Disney. So for Amazon Prime subscribers it's now or never to watch this crazy, futuristic animated series.


A very clever series in which Timothy Olyphant, an old-fashioned US Marshall and his methods get him in trouble with both sides of the law. After one mistake too many he is assigned to Kentucky and ends up working in the city where he grew up.
He investigates Boyd Crowder, an old friend from his youth, and the local crime syndicate of which his own father is often a member. A production line of charismatic villains and an impeccable script make these 6 seasons a must at Prime.


A New Yorker learns that her husband is having an affair with his secretary, after which Mrs. Maisel, the main character, decides to make a stand-up comedy where she will be taken in by the police after having conquered the whole audience. The series is thus located in New York in the 50s, this fashion enthusiast hides her new life as an actress from her family and her ex while fighting against sexism, bad company and competition. It's a nod to the career of Joan Rivers embodied by the character of Midge Maisel.


Neil Gaiman has adapted his own 1990 book written with Terry Pratchett which follows an angel and a demon trying to stop Armageddon. The series consists of 6 whimsical parts with a strong British spirit. A mix of heaven, hell, old bookshops, conspiracy theory magazines and plants that grow because they are afraid.


This modern novel is less about love than about the moments that test it. On a business trip to London, American alcoholic Rob Norris impregnates Irish schoolteacher Sharon Morris, he moves to the United Kingdom and they try to live together, often failing over the seasons. The disaster switches between hilarious and painful, Delaney's anger and Horgan's meanness show us that secondary roles are also important, also with Ashley Jensen and Mark Bonnar.

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Written by: Lisa Lambert, Staff Writer


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