Our 10 top tips to finding a job in London

Our 10 top tips to finding a job in London

Our 10 top tips to finding a job in London

London is one of the most desirable cities to live in – and that's partly because of the job opportunities it has to offer. Although it's a bustling city with a wide range of potential career paths – it’s not always easy to secure the right position for you.

Job hunting can feel quite daunting, especially when you're moving from abroad. We want to help you get started on your job search and make your move to London less stressful and more exciting. Here, we've listed our 10 top tips:

1. Research different industries

To make things easier when you arrive, we suggest thinking about what you want to do in advance. Don't worry – you don't have to know exactly what you want to do as a long-term career, but it definitely helps to have an idea of what your interests are.

London offers entry-level roles, apprenticeships, training schemes and more. The job type you aim for, will depend on how skilled or experienced you are in your chosen field.

If you're not sure where to start – there is no harm in researching different industries and seeing what appeals to you. We've listed just a few of London's most popular fields to get you started:

  • Fashion
  • Hospitality
  • Marketing
  • Retail
  • Teaching
  • Customer service
  • Finance

2. Use your language to your advantage!

Many companies will be seeking somebody who is bilingual or has some experience speaking a second language. If you are applying for a company with international clients, or any customer service based role – you will find this is a much sought after skill.

Restaurant and bar staff who can speak to tourists in their home language will be a great addition to a team. Try looking for restaurants who specialise in your local cuisine. Make sure you practice with language exchange.

3. Use the best job search sites

There are always companies looking for new workers – and they usually use popular job websites to connect with those who are seeking employment. We've listed a few of the best sites for London employment:

Indeed – You might have heard of Indeed as it is internationally recognised. It's a popular website which displays job ads for free. When searching, you can filter precisely what you're trying to find, for example, "Fashion job in Central London".

Reed – It's a similar concept and has 7 billion visitors per month! That's a lot of potential employers. You have the choice of reaching out to specific jobs or uploading your CV and hoping they reach out to you – we suggest doing both.

Monster – Monster can help you tweak your CV, search for jobs and even prepare for an interview.

4. Sign up to recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies are there to connect you with a potential employer – and they are great at helping to set up interviews. You can do an online search for 'London recruitment agencies' and speak to them about what you are hoping to find. There are even some agencies specifically for people who are moving from abroad.

5. Join expat groups online

Informal groups will be a great source of help and support during your job search. Studenz will soon allow you to join groups designed to help you meet people with shared interests and aspirations.

Attending our upcoming events and being open to meeting new people might present you with some great opportunities. One of the most effective ways of finding a new job – is meeting the right person.

6. Use your social media

Social media allows you to reach out to thousands of potential employers and like-minded people – from the comfort of your home. It's not just websites and recruiters than you should be making use of – consider using social media for professional purposes too.

Facebook - A quick post on your profile might reach somebody with an opportunity for you in London – especially if you know anyone living there already.

LinkedIn – You can upload a photo, your skills, your experience and what type of role you are seeking. You never know who might come across your account and offer you a role. You could even ask your language exchange partner/s on Studenz to help you with your profile for bonus points!

Twitter – You can create a professional account and follow any companies you’d like to work for. They often post vacancies on their accounts – so you won’t miss an opportunity. You can also use hashtags such as #ExpatJob, #LondonJobs and #LanguageJobs.

7. Use your own person networks

The internet has become more and more popular when it comes to job hunting – most companies advertise online nowadays. However, this doesn't mean this is your only option. You never know who might be able to help you get that bit closer to your dream job in London.

If you're a student, you should ask your teachers for some help. You can also ask your friends and family – it will help you to feel less overwhelmed if you have the support of others.

8. Try seasonal work

London is great for temp work – especially if you're heading over at the start of Winter or Summer. Bars, restaurants and shops will be looking for staff to help them at their busiest time of year - and they don't always require experience.

It might not be permanent, but it's still a great way of getting that extra experience on your CV – and of course, meeting new people and experiencing London first-hand.

9. Speak to employers directly

There's no harm in picking up the phone and asking if a company has any current jobs or experience available. Calling a potential employer and showing your interest will let them know how motivated and hard-working you are. Before you ring, make sure you have done some preparation

  • Think about how you'd benefit them
  • Practice with your language exchange partner
  • Remember to show your friendly personality
  • Think of any experience or skills you have that might make you stand out
  • This won't be an option for everyone, but if you are lucky enough to visit London before moving – you could even show an interest face-to-face. Visit a recruitment office, or ask around in local shops, bars and restaurants.

10. Stay positive and show off your personality

Remember, employers will want somebody with a positive attitude and an eagerness to learn. Job hunting can feel like a long process – especially when you're living abroad. Our final and most important bit of advice is, don't give up!


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