Best videogames to play in quarantine

Best videogames to play in quarantine

Movies and TV series, books, video calls and physical exercises help you to spend long days at home, but the time available is also an opportunity to play video games, alone or in the company of friends connected to the Internet. Jumping from the PC to the console, but also relying on streaming, is an activity that is good for relaxing or concentrating (depending on the game chosen), that is also blessed by the World Health Organization, which in recent days has recognized the importance of video games as a useful tool for social connection and that takes on a valuable implication in light of the domestic isolation to which we have been confined for weeks. Beyond the super fans who follow the calendar of upcoming games, knowing by heart even the lesser known and the great classics, below you will find various game titles to alleviate the mental fatigue triggered by the vortex coronavirus with, perhaps while even playing together with the rest of the family.

The new videogames

As for the new releases, March and April were two very rewarding months for gamers. If you are interested in some of the freshest new releases, then you will be spoilt for choice. Among the videogames released these months there is Nioh 2, sequel to the title created by Team Ninja in 2017. The game is an action RPG (role-playing game) that, in its system, is very inspired by titles such as Dark Souls, with a rather high level of difficulty even for the most experienced of the genre. The videogame takes up the historical setting of feudal Japan, to which is added a fantasy component characterized by the presence of demons and spirits of the Japanese tradition. In the game you'll play as a half-demon samurai on the hunt for his peers, who will soon be involved in the historical events of the land of the rising sun. Combat is obviously the core of the experience, thanks to nine different types of weapons and the possibility to use three different poses depending on the enemies and the situation.

In the past months have also arrived Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In the first one, which is sequel to Doom's reboot four years ago, the protagonist, Doom Slayer, must save the earth from an invasion of hellish demons that threaten the existence of the human race. To do so he will rely on his brutality and his many weapons, each one more fun than the other to use. Doom Eternal offers a fun and adrenaline-pumping gameplay. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the new incarnation of the Nintendo saga, released for Switch. In this chapter you can customise every part of your life experience on a new island. You'll be able to do a variety of activities and even play online with your friends by inviting them to your island or visiting them on theirs. It is a game for those looking for a relaxing atmosphere.

Next, Persona 5 Royale is one of the most critically and publicly acclaimed role-playing games of recent years. It combines two very different souls, the typically Japanese RPG, with dungeons to explore and turn-based battles against powerful monsters, and the one concerning the school life of the protagonists, including exams, appointments and all the entertainment that the city of Tokyo can offer. The story focuses on a group of thieves called Phantom Thieves, whose aim is to change a corrupt society by stealing people's hearts in an alternative and parallel dimension to everyday life. In this dimension there are the Persona, i.e. manifestations of the soul, different for each one of them, which in their appearance refer to folklore and mythologies from all over the world. This new version is even more complete since there are more characters, many new stories and activities.

The great classics

A good way to make the most of the time available would be to pick up some great classics from the past that you may have been putting off for a long time. Coinciding with the arrival of the remake of Final Fantasy VII it might be a good idea to take a look back at the original, Final Fantasy, now available for all current platforms. This RPG has marked the history of video games and although it was originally released in 1997, it still has a very enjoyable and current history.

Another game to play is the first The Last of Us, another great narrative experience that has marked the history of the video game. This could also be a great way to prepare for the arrival of the sequel scheduled for late May.

If you love action games over the top then it could be time to recover the Devil May Cry saga, consisting of 5 chapters. The fifth is one of the best action games ever made, with the possibility of using 3 characters and many different weapons. Alternatively, there is Bayonetta, action game with a very similar style, whose first chapter was recently released in remastered version together with Vanquish, another great and very fun action game.

If you love horror you can recover the various Resident Evil or Silent Hill, great classics that between remake and remastered are also available on the latest generation consoles. Alternatively, you could opt for the old saga of Dead Space, for a more space horror. If instead you want to enjoy a mix between cinema and video game the ideal titles are Until Dawn and Man of Medan, the latter is also playable with other people.

If you want a long and epic adventure, then you should dust off some old RPGs like the two Baldur's Gate, available with improved graphics, or the more recent Pillars of Eternity or Divinity: Original Sin, both composed of two chapters. If instead you prefer an RPG a bit more lively than the mentioned classics, then the milestones are undoubtedly Mass Effect, Dragon Age Origins and the more recent The Witcher 3, timeless masterpieces that will entertain you for dozens of hours.

Family Games

Are you looking for a title to play together with your whole family, maybe even with your siblings or children? Then the best choice is undoubtedly Nintendo Switch. The new console from the historic Japanese company has a number of games that are suitable for you, such as Mario Party. This videogame puts you in competition, individually or in teams, in a goose-style game board, each with their favourite character from the world of Super Mario. With every roll of the dice, you'll have the chance to play a variety of fun and varied mini games, so you'll never get bored.

Also, from Nintendo are Super Mario Kart
and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: the first is an arcade kart game where you have to try to sabotage your opponents with different power ups, while the second is a fighting game with lots of characters taken from the most famous sagas of the video game world, which will ignite the competition at home. 1.2 Switch, one of the console's launch titles, also features several fun mini games to play together. Mario Tennis could be another good alternative for playing in a group, given the more arcade nature of the game.

On PlayStation 4 you'll be able to focus on titles from the Playlink range, such as Knowledge is Power or That's You!; the first is a classic quiz game where knowledge is the master, while the second is a quiz game with a more distinctive style that will be based much more on questions related to the people who will be playing with you (for example, "who is the best chef among you?"). An ideal game to have fun with both family and friends.

Do you like playing video games? If so, is it a passion you also share with your language exchange friends?

Written by: Martina Sassi, Staff Writer Language Exchange