Are dating apps dangerous?

Are dating apps dangerous?

Scams on dating applications or sites are numerous and it's no secret that everyone is aware that this kind of virtual meeting with strangers to meet them in real life presents a potential risk.

As long as there is the possibility of chatting with strangers on any platform there will always be some ill-intentioned people who will try to use it for dubious personal purposes.

For example there are people who will ask you to send a code by sms or to pay for something you have supposedly won, this kind of scam is easily identifiable if you are not too naive and warns of the dangers of dating sites. These people bet on quantity, they send these kinds of messages to a large number of people thinking that some people will fall for it and it is true that they do it with relatively old people who are not used to technology.

But there are much more elaborate scams where the person gets in touch with you and pretends to seduce you, to get to know you to get as much information about you as possible, then asks you to send "daring" pictures of you and then when they have them they threaten to make them public if you don't pay a sum of money.


Of course everyone also knows that people on dating applications use photos that are not real or not updated as well as personal information such as age. So you can chat with someone who looks charming and young and then find yourself on a date with someone 30 years older who doesn't look at all like their photos anymore.
So far nothing very bad but it is disappointing and it puts you in a doubtful situation because why is the person lying about their information and their looks? You may end up with people with perverse tendencies or personalities that are out of the ordinary, to say the least.


One of the most serious aspects of these kinds of encounters is that the person may have a real problem, you may be in danger. At first glance, if the person doesn't seem strange to you, if he or she looks his or her age and pictures, it doesn't mean that he or she doesn't want to hurt you. And if the person doesn't fit the description and you point this out to them, it could make them angry and lead to violent outbursts.

In any case everyone is likely to be physically abused, but when you decide to extend the evening and agree to have a drink in a more private place be wary of every action and it is best to make sure you know the person well before making such a decision.

It is also possible that on the first date the person may take advantage of the fact that you are going to the toilet, for example, to pour a substance into your glass that will make you lose all lucidity and make you unable to fight anything. This is usually when the situation becomes serious.


If you haven't heard of it, a British serial killer used the Grindr app to find his victims. It's not the only one because it's happened in the United States as well. How's that possible? The serial killer chooses his victim, talks to them, asks them out on a date, and then either drugs them or gets them alone to kill them.
Even if the person doesn't seem to have bad intentions or even the opposite, it doesn't mean that you don't have someone in front of you who is thinking of harming you, don't trust the received ideas and be very vigilant.


Unfortunately, just as you are likely to meet such people in real life, in a bar, in a nightclub or at a party you also find them on the internet. This is not the fault of the dating sites or applications because they cannot perceive with their program what even you have not perceived in real life.

As far as money scams are concerned, most of the time they are easier to spot and the person gets repaired quickly. However, as far as assault, rape and murder are concerned you can take precautions by choosing a public place, researching the person and telling your friends where you are but this will never guarantee your safety in the same way that it is impossible to guarantee your total safety in establishments such as bars and nightclubs.

If you decide to meet someone, to go with that person, you are both solely responsible for your safety. This does not mean that if something happens to you it is your fault because you can't do much about it, if the person plays a perfect acting game it is normal to get caught up in the game of Prince Charming but always think that at midnight he can turn into a toad.

It is possible to sue the applications if you wish but from the world where you leave the virtual and are in reality they are no longer responsible for what happens there.

One thing that is not often talked about is that there are some people who have sexually transmitted diseases, who know about it and use dating sites and applications to find people to "infect" so be very careful what you do and protect yourself in all circumstances to avoid all kinds of diseases. This is not just about dating sites and applications, it is about life in general, don't think that because you know a person well enough it necessarily means that they don't carry any disease in them because it is not true.

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Written by: Lisa Lambert, Staff Writer

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